Introduction to Autumn Wildcrafting & Herbal Home Apothecary Course 2024


Autumn is a wonderful season for learning to wildcraft and make medicine with roots, fruits/berries, barks, & seeds. It’s the time to prepare for the colder months, build our herbal apothecary and ourselves by working with herbs that support wellness, build up resilience to stress and illness, prevent and address infection and aid in recovery from illness!

In this 4-week introductory course, you will learn about wildcrafting and be introduced to self-reliant, place-based herbalism. You will also learn to identify, harvest and make a treasure chest of herbal medicine from key plants that grow in the Pacific Northwest. We will also cover holistic practices that are appropriate for managing stress, preventing illness and building immunity.

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What you can expect from this course:

  • Field based wildcrafting intensives and demonstrations
  • Weekly written lessons, supplemental materials and instructions
  • Opportunities to connect with and learn from plants and from each other
  • Immersion in local ecologies
  • Learning to identify plants using basic botany and organoleptic (sensory) information
  • Learning about and practicing ethical, respectful and ecologically sound wildcrafting techniques and guidelines
  • Learning about herbal actions and classification of herbs
  • Learning basic plant constituents and how to pair plants with the correct menstrua for the best extraction
  • Understanding how plants work with our anatomy and physiology to support for body systems, organs and tissues
  • Effective plant processing techniques
  • Herbal medicine making skills and knowledge of applications
  • Exploration of holistic healing practices and protocols, including food as medicine.
  • Belonging in an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive learning community of fellow plant lovers!

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