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Welcome to the Help Desk

Below, you will see Frequently Asked Questions and instructions designed to help you navigate the site. Before you contact us for technical support, please consult the information below to troubleshoot any issues that might be fixed yourself.

Did you forget your password or get locked out?

99.9% of people get locked out because they forgot their own username or password. Preventive measures are the best defense against getting locked out.

How to avoid getting locked out:

  1. Remember your password! We do not know your password nor do we keep it on file. Your password is private and encrypted on our system for YOUR security. If you lose your password, you must reset your password using the instructions below.
  2. Keep your password saved somewhere secure-yet-accessible. If you forget your password, have it saved somewhere you can find it again.
  3. Don’t fail more than twice. You get three (3) chances to enter your password. After three (3) incorrect tries, you will be locked out! If you fail twice, reset your password using the instructions below.

If you get locked out, you will see an error message saying you’ve entered the wrong login information too many times. This is to prevent our website and legitimate users from hackers and other ne’er-do-wells. Wait 15 – 30 minutes. Our system lets you retry in 15 to 30 minutes. Before trying to enter the wrong information again, reset your password using the instructions below.

How to reset your password:

  1. Wait for any lockouts to expire (up to 30 minutes)
  2. Clear the cache and cookies in your browser (for instructions on this, search the internet for “How to clear cache and cookies for…” then put the name of the browser you are using)
  3. Go to ‘Menu > Login’
  4. On the login page, click ‘Lost your password?’
  5. Enter your username or email address, confirm you are not a robot and click the ‘Get New Password’ button.
  6. A confirmation link will be emailed to you. If you don’t see it in a few minutes, check your spam folder. Click the confirmation link and create a new password. For best results, don’t use a password you have used before. Save your new password someplace secure but accessible so you don’t get locked out again.

Still have questions?