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Mentorship is one of society’s oldest forms of experiential education. It gives the student one-on-one support to become more confident and proficient in their chosen field.
  • Find your direction and path in the herbal community
  • Expand your knowledge of herbal medicine and skills in making effective remedies
  • Get personalized guidance, critical feedback and support with projects and business
  • Become a proficient instructor


What You Can Expect From Suzanne
Your learning is important to me! My goal is to create a positive and joyful experience and to give you my all when we are meeting – be present and available for the entire scheduled time.

You can expect that I will provide quality mentoring given from over 35 years of teaching herbal medicine and running a successful herb school, and 27 years of making and selling herbal wares. I will endeavor to be clear in my communications and provide you with the most up-to-date and trustworthy information. I will thoughtfully curate any materials, assignments or resources offered. The mentoring I give will be understandable and delivered in a respectful manner.

I will give support and will expect that you will do the work needed to accomplish your goals. I will not answer health questions pertaining to a particular person, i.e. give herbal advice/consultations.

Expect that I am a role model with loads of wisdom and experience and can guide you towards your chosen goals.

What I expect from you
Be on time for meetings and prepared with questions and assignments done, if appropriate to the mentorship. While it’s perfectly fine to not know your way or role in the wide path of herbalism, we mutually understand that our time together can guide you to find your way on your journey. If a meeting time needs to be rescheduled, communication must be initiated at least 24 hours in advance.


FEE:  $75 per half hour. An invoice will be sent prior to each individual meeting or one invoice will be sent for an agreed upon number of meetings. The invoice will be easily paid online and must be paid before the mentorship begins.

FORMAT: We will meet via zoom. This opens the mentorship globally. Each session may be recorded by the mentee, so that it can be watched over and over to continue to glean important info that may have been missed while writing notes or when the cat walked over your keyboard.

There will be a limit of 3 mentorships going at any one time. Make sure to email me to assess availability. 

Professionalism and mutual respect is key.  Disrespect or inappropriate behavior in any way (from either direction) will not be tolerated. Lateness in meeting and no shows without prior communication will mean that the mentee forfeits the fee and may be excused from the mentorship.

I do not guarantee your success as it will be your work to accomplish the goals. I am solely in the guide position. Thank you for your understanding of the boundaries and guidelines of the mentorship.

How to start your mentorship

Email Suzanne with your interest. A phone interview will then be scheduled to see if we are a good fit. If accepted, we will hash out the details of the length of time for the mentorship, days and times to meet online. A written contract with these details will be made available to both Suzanne and the mentee. The contract may be nullified by either party by written request at least 3 days in advance of the next scheduled meeting. 

A mentorship may be a single one half hour meeting, weekly, monthly or whatever works mutually.

Before our first meeting, the terms of service must be read and signed online.

There’s something beautiful that happens when we make commitments – to our health, our growing wisdom, to our community. Are you ready to start learning? I look forward to watching you grow in confidence and skill with a mentorship with me.