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Welcome to Suzanne’s Media Page where you can hear and learn from recent podcasts. Suzanne is a public speaker, published author as well as teacher. Click here to contact her about speaking engagements or having her as a guest on your podcast.

Mountain Rose Herbs ~ Introduction to Herbal Phytochemistry (Blog post)

Suzanne is now a guest blogger at Mountain Rose Herbs! Check out her introduction to phytochemistry post and stay tuned for more!

Mountain Rose Herbs ~ Tea Talks with Jiling

In this episode, learn about Suzanne’s giving garden, the journey of her Aunt Mary’s spearmint, seeing beauty in all things, Suzanne’s top two (current) plants to wildcraft, and what to learn about plants before wildcrafting. Enjoy!

7B podcast 7Bee is the official podcast of the Bonner County Daily Bee in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Emily and Suzanne talk about the plants of spring and dandelion medicine.

HerbRally ~ 4 Minutes on Pearly Everlasting with Suzanne Tabert

Pearly Everlasting, Anaphalis margaritacea, is an effective congestion reliever. Listen in on this short-but-sweet profile.

HerbRally ~ Hawthorn: In the Field with Suzanne Tabert

Hawthorn is a friend who supports us on journeys through transitions and hardship. Suzanne calls it the “hope and faith that everything is going to be ok” herb.

HerbRally ~ Healing from Chronic Inflammation with Suzanne Tabert

Listen in on a class given by herbalist Suzanne Tabert at the 2018 NorthWest Herb Symposium. In Healing from Chronic Inflammation, you’ll learn causes of inflammation, acute vs. chronic inflammation, and what you can do to support healing. Explore herbs that relieve inflammation and get to know the plant constituents and how they work in the body. Suzanne’s warm teaching style and charming stories are not to be missed!

HerbRally ~ Doug Fir Medicine with Suzanne Tabert

In-depth study on one of the northwest’s most ubiquitous trees, the Douglas Fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii! Suzanne covers harvesting, preparations, parts used, and there’s even some story-telling. Enjoy!

American Herbalists Guild ~ Nourishing Nervines

Garden Soothers for Robust Emotional Health. When we spend quiet meditative time in the garden, we enter into a beautiful conversation with the soil, the plants, the insects, birds, and all the beings who reside there.

Ogden Publishing/Mother Earth News ~ Wild and Beautiful Skincare

In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, we dive into Suzanne Tabert’s book, Wild & Beautiful. Suzanne shares why crafting your own body care solutions – from moisturizers to toothpastes – can be beneficial for your skin. We also discuss what health and beauty means, not from the lens of the next quick-fix product but from a lifestyle of care and learning that what you have is enough.