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Suzanne, words cannot express how much we appreciate you giving your time and talent for us to learn. We are so blessed to have you as part of our chapter!

—Ladies Homestead Gathering Board Members,
West Bonner Chapter

Taking your class was one of the best decisions of my life. Seriously. Being a part of the lovely, wise world of plants has brought me back to who I am. I realized a few months ago, that the Emily I’m most happy with and the one who feels right is the Emily that gets up early every Tuesday and drives up to your homestead and is home. The space that you create and nurture and fill with the magic of herbal medicine is such a glorious place to be and learn and grow in. You, as a person and strong badass wildcrafter, are an inspiration. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

—Emily B

Your mini apprenticeship was tremendous! The amount of learning, and the way that you teach, was perfect. Every week I would drive from Tacoma and return later that evening with jars of tinctures, decoctions and a feeling of delight that would last all week until the following Saturday. My herbal experience was at a novice level and now I am much more confident in plant identification, uses of various herbs, and want to do more classes so I can incorporate herbals into my private practice, and not exclusively for my personal use. Finding your program was a Godsend! I appreciate you imparting your knowledge to others and incorporating the art & science of herbal medicine as well as the craft of making medicine. The timing of this class was exquisite and provided me lots of comfort in a very challenging, and unexpected, life transition. I already miss the group members, the energy, and long for the next class that I can attend. Much gratitude!

—Erin J-K

Wow. It is hard to even begin to put into words how much I enjoyed and received from the Roots to Tips program with Heather. I have studied plant medicine in many other formats, but this program is truly special. Heather is a gifted teacher who adeptly balances sharing her own wealth of plant knowledge with the time and space for students to learn directly from the plants. I experienced serious “highs” of plant connection as well as some pretty epic fails leaving fresh plant oils to brew too long – all of it arming me with direct knowledge of how to best co-create with plants. Not to mention – this program is FUN! There was always so much joy and laughter throughout our time together – even digging roots! I’ve already signed up for more classes and feel deeply grateful to Heather and Suzanne for their work for sharing their plant knowledge in this way.


Happy birthday Queen Bee
I don’t know how I will ever keep all this straight.
The Drums, the Moore’s, the Dukes.
The constituents, the roots, the leaves, the flowers, the barks.
The oils, the tinctures, the oxymels, the elixirs, the honeys, the vinegars.
The medicine to the people!
The vodkas, the proofs, the brandys, the isopropyls, the witch hazels, the honeys, the apple cider vinegars, the menstrua.
The cutting boards, the knives, the scissors, the chairs, the empty jars, the notebooks and pens, don’t forget your lunch.
The soaps, the butters, the toners, the hydrosols, the fire ciders.
The mugworts, the Sitka valerians, the willows, the high desert sages.
The storytelling, the answering our questions, the life lessons, the love and dedication, the plant walks, the sitting in the sun near our plant and harvesting and chopping chopping. The opening the doors and windows to let the medicine out.
The fresh air and trees perfuming the air.
The talking and listening. The queen bee.
The whirlwind of knowledge.
The best Tuesday ever, best summer ever, best teacher ever.
The essence of Suzanne – being outdoors and making the medicine and teaching us and that is how I will keep it all straight.
The medicine to the people in a way that they will want to take it…
Thank you Suzanne!
(She turned sixty during a pandemic! )”

–Nancy D