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“We tend to eat what we’re familiar with, let’s become familiar with the weeds!” ~ Suzanne Tabert

Welcome to the Cedar Mountain Herb School

We’re so glad you’ve chosen us for your herbal education!

We’re back in the saddle and would love to see you in our in-person and online workshops! CMHS Herbal Classes and Workshops are specially designed to help you learn about all-things-herbs, whether for your own personal use or for professional work. Reconnect with nature, community, and yourself!

COVID-19 NOTICE: We will make sure to practice common sense in regards to avoiding the covid virus, which will include having a warm water and soap handwashing station and wearing masks at each workshop. We are so excited to meet with you all again and hope to see you in these so important workshops! Build your herbal apothecary and be prepared for what comes your way! xoxo Be blessed and be healthy!

Suzanne is a brilliant teacher that meets the diverse needs of her students with grace and ease. She is impressive at capturing both the science and subtleties of plants with harmonized precision. I was inspired every week in learning so many different skills within the herbal medicine realm. Truly, Suzanne is more than just a fabulous teacher, she is an extraordinary human being. She has a heart of gold and generously shares with her students, the wisdom of countless years in her craft with wit and humor that would make anyone delight to be in her presence. Getting to spend time with Suzanne every week was the best part of my summer! I am forever full of gratitude for the incredible experiences and knowledge that Cedar Mountain Herb School brought me! —Morgyn V

Upcoming Workshops

natural soapmaking herbal soap

Natural Soapmaking and Body Butter Basics

Saturday, November 14th 2020

Our skin reflects our overall health and plays a critical role in the proper function of our endocrine and immune systems. Ditch the chemicals and harmful environmental ingredients in commercial “soap” and learn to make handcrafted artisan soap using all natural and nourishing ingredients!

Herbal Apprenticeships

Would you like to take your herbal skills to more advance levels? Sign up for our intensive, field-based  Herbal Apprenticeships. Expand your knowledge of local medicinal plants, nutrition, and plants’ effects on the body systems.


All About Our Workshops

Based in Seattle and Sandpoint, Idaho, CMHS is one of the longest-running herbal schools in the Pacific Northwest. Community workshops are held at a variety of locations in Western and Central Washington and Sandpoint, Idaho, and will be plainly noted in the workshop descriptions.

During the harvest intensives and apprenticeship programs, students gather wild herbs, process plant matter, and make appropriate remedies for the topic. Each workshop covers medicinal uses for the plants harvested, case study stories, anatomy and physiology, with best preparations for extracting and preserving the medicinal constituents, and appropriate applications.

We are SO thrilled for the workshop offerings this autumn and winter! We’ve brought in one of my favorite herbal instructors, we call her Hydrosol Heather, but she’s much more than that! Between Heather and Suzanne, we’ve got an amazing lineup for everyone, with a focus on immunity building, respiratory relief, and practical steps to overcome covid anxiety! Really, check out the workshops, we are confident that what we have on offer is exactly what YOU need!

Suzanne and the spring apprentices navigated the program online for the first few weeks, then were able to get together (with social distancing) halfway through in order to harvest plants and work one on one with them! They learned SO MUCH about how to get healthy and stay healthy and calm and now have tools to share with others. Alison, one of the amazingly resilient apprentices, noted that Suzanne taught them about the medicine of 105 plants! Wow! Plus they learned so much more than simply plant medicine. They learned that they could bend, stretch and sail through difficult situations with remedies in their herbal and healthy lifestyle toolbelt.

Taking your class was one of the best decisions of my life. Seriously. Being a part of the lovely, wise world of plants has brought me back to who I am. I realized a few months ago, that the Emily I’m most happy with and the one who feels right is the Emily that gets up early every Tuesday and drives up to your homestead and is home. The space that you create and nurture and fill with the magic of herbal medicine is such a glorious place to be and learn and grow in. You, as a person and strong badass wildcrafter, are an inspiration.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart —Emily B.

I have so many favorites I have learned from you. Most recently, I used the cold/ flu tincture just last week when I was sick – Cottonwood buds, spruce tips, salal, fir tips, honey, ginger and brandy. I think what really cured me was remembering the “salal chew test” and the cold crisp morning hike to gather the plants to make it. Thank you, Suzanne —Thea R.

Suzanne is a boss and she is offering us all access to the extensive knowledge she’s accumulated over a lifetime. Come as you are, and learn about this medicine that is growing in our backyards, and on our walks through the city, and in our mountains. This is information for the people, to heal them and make them happy and comfortable and well. She’ll take you there and enable you to make it for yourself, and for everyone else you know. — Hailey M.

I’m so grateful that you’ve dedicated your life to learning about plant medicine and that you’ve chosen to share your vast knowledge with students. This apprenticeship has been a dream come true and I can’t thank you enough for all the time, energy, and heart you put into it. – Emily M.