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CMHS Apprentice Referral Program

Attention all past apprentices! 🌿

Did you hear? Cedar Mountain Herb School has created a Referral Program just for you!

We LOVE to reward our apprentices who recommend our amazing programs to others!

Any former apprentice who refers a new student who signs up for one of our apprenticeship programs will receive a $250 coupon code toward another year of harvesting, learning and being part of the CMHS community! The reward may only be used for a full apprenticeship program. We so appreciate word of mouth referrals. In plain language:

  1. Alice, our beloved apprentice, tells Jim how much fun and informative it is to do our program.
  2. Jim signs up for a program and adds Alice’s email to the post-registration form.
  3. Alice then receives her discount that is applied to a program to continue her herbal education. ♥

No referral just yet? Former apprentices are also eligible to receive a $100 discount when registering for a new (full) program, even if they don’t have a referral! (contact Suzanne to receive your discount code!)

Forage a profoundly life changing relationship with nature and become a part of the community that you’re so welcome in. Our extensive knowledge of plants and their medicines is based on a deep relationship to the land, place and home.
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