Winter Workshops in the CMHS Kitchen (Sandpoint)


Community is so important; especially in the frigid North Idaho winter, when activities are limited and winter blues can set in. This fall and winter, Suzanne presents informative and fun 2-hour workshops in her cozy kitchen in Sandpoint. Students show up with a notebook, learn something new, take home remedies or crafts they’ve created during the workshops.

Spend some time with other humans and the occasional cat in a warm and friendly environment where Suzanne takes the mystery and confusion out of herbal medicine and creates an enjoyable environment in which to learn useful life skills. Herbal tea will be provided.

Classes are 10 am – 12 noon

Each class is limited to 10 students per workshop. Please make sure to read (and bring) the “what to bring” in the description of the workshops you wish to attend, so that you can make cool remedies and crafts to take home.

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The Fragrant Pharmacy | Saturday, November 4
Sabrina Seitz kicks off our easy breezy informative 2 hour Winter Workshops series in Suzanne’s cozy kitchen by introducing the wonderful world of aromatherapy. The rich liquids we call essential oils, which are extracts of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, roots, and trees, are indispensable in assisting us in our journey to better health. Essential oils can replace toxic drugs, dangerous chemicals in cosmetics and even in our food. Students will learn why these aromatic ‘oils’ work so well to build better health and how to incorporate them into daily life. Whether you want to aid in healing, add wonderful flavor to a meal or get rid of fleas from your pet, this class will help you understand how to decrease the toxic chemical load that we are all exposed to and how to use essential oils safely. Students will take home a roller bottle for pain, an inhaler for headaches and a facial serum…a wonderful start to their own Fragrant Pharmacy. Sabrina is a retired nurse after a 34 year career. After experiencing health issues that she knew modern medicine could not address, she went looking for answers on her own. She soon found herself hot on the trail of herbs and aromatherapy, becoming a master herbalist 15 years ago and continues to learn and grow with a certainty that plants are where true medicine resides. All materials are provided.

Moisturize: Lip Balms, Body Butters & Lotion Bars | Saturday, November 18
Winter in North Idaho is long, dry and freezing, and skin gets chapped ~ let’s get ready with extremely moisturizing herbal lip balms, body butters and lotion bars. More than just something slick to put on the lips and skin, they’ll heal and protect the skin from our harsh winters. Students will aid in creating a tasty and effective lip balm, a luxurious body butter that glides on the skin and a solid lotion bar that moisturizes the skin like nobody’s business! Students will choose their own packaging for the lotion bar. Best yet, they make beautiful Christmas presents that your loved ones will ask for time and time again! What to bring: 4 ounce jelly jar or clean baby food jar.

Fragrant Natural Incense | Saturday, December 2
Incense is the traditional root of aromatherapy that has been used to delight the senses and in ritual and praise across every culture for ages. Making natural incense is as easy as noticing the plants that grow around you! Students will use spices, tree resins, herbs, leaves and flowers in combination with high quality essential oils, botanical extracts, and binders like honey and wine to create all natural fragrant incense cones. What to bring: one sandwich size sturdy container with a lid to safely transport your incense cones home. 

Design Your Own Pressed Flower Frame | Saturday, December 16
Suzanne has pressed hundreds of beautiful flowers and leaves all summer long in preparation for this workshop. They are stunning on their own – tissue paper thin, achingly beautiful works of art made by nature.  Students will create their own works of art with pressed flowers of their choice and plain or patterned art paper along with inspirational quotes to inspire students to add to their design. Picture frames will be provided along with all materials. Flower presses will be available for purchase for $35 each for future flower pressing. What to bring: your favorite writing utensil. It can be a calligraphy pen or just your favorite color ink.

Herbal Bitters | Saturday, January 6
After an excess of holiday treats, this workshop comes in at perfect timing. While bartenders use bitters in tasty cocktails, herbalists commonly use bitters to support the digestive, nervous and immune systems. The Standard American Diet relies heavily on salt, fats, processed foods and sugar. Bitter is normally avoided as “tasting bad,” but it’s the bitter taste profile that is so badly needed for robust health. Suzanne will discuss the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system and the roles that bitters play that go far beyond digestive health to mitigating insulin resistance, reversing chronic inflammation and more. Students will receive a .pdf of the presentation via email upon registration to download and bring to the workshop. We will create a tasty and healthy chocolate treat (and yes, chocolate qualifies as a bitter) and there will be a variety of herbal bitters to sample. All materials provided.

Elderberries | Saturday, January 20
The role of elderberry as one of the most beloved and effective herbs for addressing many viral infections is well known, yet there are as many ways to utilize the berries as there are herbalists. Gain an understanding of the unique constituents of our native Elder, Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea, that make it such a valuable remedy. Students will make an elderberry honey OR tincture to take home. What to bring: One half pint (8 ounce) canning jar and a half pint of either honey or 100 proof vodka. Please do not bring larger jars. Check the jar for ounces.

Leaky Gut, Lifestyle & Herbal Support | Saturday, February 3
Leaky gut seems to be a buzzword these days that many folks are being told they have. What is it and what can be done to correct this issue? Leaky gut is actual separations (breaks) in the membranes of the intestines which can cause chronic inflammation and low grade infections, giving rise to many health issues. Diet, herbs and lifestyle changes can correct this issue – repairing the membranes and resolving inflammation. Students will receive a .pdf of the presentation via email upon registration to download and bring to the workshop. This is a lecture class.

The Real Buzz on Beautifully Infused Herbal Honeys | Saturday, February 17
It seems so simple…herb + honey, what could go wrong?! Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation out there preventing folks from achieving sweet medicine-making perfection. Properly infused and preserved honeys are dependent on many variables including a basic understanding of how honey actually extracts plant constituents. Find out how, when and why you want to incorporate honey remedies into your herbal apothecary – let’s get the medicine to the people in ways they’ll enjoy taking, so that healing can occur! Students will make a herbal honey using conifer needles and bark, citrus and ginger. What to bring:  One pint jar, cutting board and chopping knife, one orange, tangerine or grapefruit, a two inch piece of ginger and a pint of honey.

Get Cultured with Butter & Ferments | Saturday, March 2
Intestinal health depends on over 500 different strains of beneficial flora known collectively as probiotics. Probiotics’ many health benefits include strengthening the immune and nervous systems, stimulating digestion and protecting against the spread of harmful yeast overgrowth, lowering cholesterol and guarding against cancer. Wise healers have known for centuries how a healthy gut = more robust mental health and calm. Included in the discussion is how much fermented foods per serving is beneficial and why too much can cause an inflammatory response. Learn how to make cultured butter and fermented curtido. What to bring: Cutting board, chopping knife, 1/2 cabbage, 1 carrot, 2 tablespoons pink himalayan mineral salt, one pint jar, and a fermentation weight that matches the opening of the jar (wide or standard mouth). The weight can be purchased via amazon or perhaps locally.


Signed copies of Suzanne’s books Quest for Calm and Wild & Beautiful will be available for purchase at each workshop!

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