Winter Workshops in the CMHS Kitchen (Sandpoint)


Community is so important; especially in the winter, when activities are limited and winter blues can set in. This fall and winter, Suzanne presents informative and fun 2-hour workshops in her cozy kitchen in Sandpoint. Students show up with a notebook, learn something new, take home crafts they’ve created during each workshop and samples of herbal remedies demonstrated.

Friday classes are 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Saturday classes are 10 am – 12 noon

Spend some time with other humans and the occasional cat in a warm and friendly environment where Suzanne takes the mystery and confusion out of herbal medicine and creates an enjoyable environment in which to learn useful life skills. Materials and herbal tea are provided.

Each class is limited to 10 students.

Important: If you are registering more than one student for this class, please checkout separately for each person.

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Moisturize: Lip Balms & Lotion Bars | Saturday, November 19
It’s dry in North Idaho! Herbal lip balms and lotion bars are so moisturizing. More than just something slick to put on the lips and skin, they’ll heal and protect the skin from our harsh winters.

Natural Incense | Saturday, December 3
Making natural incense is as easy as noticing the plants that grow around you. Students will utilize dried and fresh herbs, resins, barks and binders like honey to create a signature incense blend to take home.

Herbal Beadmaking | Friday, December 9
It’s said that the first rose beads were made for rosaries. Dried powdered herbs crafted into beads add a certain zing to a wardrobe or lampshade and bring their medicine in a way that is unusual and timeless.

Oregon Grape & Bitters | Saturday, January 14
While bartenders use bitters in tasty cocktails, herbalists commonly use bitters to support the digestive system. Suzanne will discuss the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system and the roles that bitters play that go far beyond digestive health to weight loss, reversing chronic inflammation, supporting immune and nerve health and more. Students will use Oregon grape berries, pine needles, honey and alcohol to create a tasty and effective bitter.

Elderberries | Saturday, January 21
The role of elderberry as one of the most beloved and effective herbs for addressing many viral infections is well known, yet there are as many ways to utilize the berries as there are herbalists. Gain an understanding of the unique constituents of our native Elder, Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea, that make it such a valuable remedy. Students will make an elderberry honey OR tincture.

Tincture Making Basics: Why Alcohol Proof Matters | Friday, February 10
To make effective herbal tinctures, we need an understanding of constituent groups and their solubility. 80 proof. 100 proof. 151 proof. 190 proof. Does it matter which we use? Yes! Suzanne unpacks what the proofs mean and how to choose the correct one for powerful herbal medicine. Students will make an herbal tincture.

Herbal Powders – Deodorant & Toothpaste | Saturday, March 4
Let’s get natural! Much of what we put on our skin goes into our bloodstream. Given the choice between endocrine disrupting chemicals and natural ingredients, we’ll use the later to make an effective deodorant and tasty toothpaste without any sugars or sugar substitutes.

Get Cultured with Butter & Ferments | Saturday, March 18
Intestinal health depends on over 500 different strains of beneficial flora known collectively as probiotics. Probiotics’ many health benefits include strengthening the immune and nervous systems, stimulating digestion and protecting against the spread of harmful yeast overgrowth, lowering cholesterol and guarding against cancer. Learn how to make cultured butter and fermented curtido.


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