Winter Foraging: Cottonwood Buds!

In this wildcrafting adventure you will learn all about the medicine of cottonwood trees, how to identify them (even when there are no leaves on the trees), and the optimal time to responsibly harvest the richly sticky, heavenly scented, and incredibly medicinal buds to make the most effective remedies!

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Late winter and early spring may seem like a barren time with little to harvest, but it is actually the BEST time to harvest Cottonwood buds! These heavenly scented buds are incredibly medicinal and SO fun to forage! This class is an especially wonderful opportunity to get out into nature in the Winter! You will enjoy a gentle walk along a river, fresh air, and camaraderie with other plant people while learning all about this very special tree. You will learn to make a variety of your very own hand crafted Cottonwood bud remedies for yourself and your loved ones. PLUS! I will show you step-by-step how to make a cottonwood bud salve right in the field among the trees! Then you will take home your own sample of this healing salve along with additional recipes! Please note: this very popular class sold out quickly last year.

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