Wildcrafting Intensive: Douglas-Fir Trees

Be prepared for the colder months ahead by learning about and making remedies from one of the most prolific, health-giving trees in the Pacific Northwest! The citrusy-pine redolent needles and bark of the Douglas Fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii, make good medicine! Conifers have a special affinity for the respiratory system, opening up the lungs and sinuses, easing the breath, and allowing for more efficiently oxygenated cells throughout the body, promoting healthy vitality! This generous tree even supports immune system function and promotes a relaxed state of calm energy! Our Douglas-fir tree is an important herbal ally that gladdens the heart and keeps us healthy through the darker winter days ahead!

Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), the dearly loved and most iconic tree of the PNW!

In this class you are in for a seasonal treat! Douglas-fir can be crafted into a delicious elixir or oxymel, honey or tincture, transformed into syrups, refreshing beverages, incorporated into both sweet and savory recipes, added to baths, soothing steams and heavenly infused oils for salves, chest rubs and lotions. The freshly sweet, woodsy, citrusy-pine scent of the Douglas-firs’ needles and bark make a variety of effective remedies…it is an herbal apothecary necessity!


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