Wildcrafting Intensive – St. John’s Wort for Summer Solstice!


Let in the Light and celebrate the Summer Solstice! Immerse yourself in joy with the quintessential summer sun-herb…the uplifting St. John’s Wort!

In this hands-on, fresh air intensive, students will learn how to locate, correctly identify and selectively harvest the unpollinated buds of St. John’s Wort at the right time for optimal potency and effective medicine making!  You will also learn about safety, contraindications, dosage and more!

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St. John’s Wort has an all-around sunny disposition and it aids in resolving pain on both physical and emotional levels. St. John’s signature, perforated leaves, like tiny windows, and bright yellow flowers bloom around the time of Summer Solstice and can literally let in the light when we are experiencing sadness or depression as it elevates our spirits, helps us regain energy and motivation, reclaim joy and a positive outlook on life!

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