Wild Harvest ~ Elderberries


The role of elderberry as one of the most beloved and effective herbs for addressing most viral infections is well known yet there are as many ways to utilize the berries as there are herbalists. Gain an understanding of the unique constituents of our native Elder, Sambucus nigra ssp. cerulea, that make it such a valuable remedy. Join the discussion about why elderberry is a good remedy for combating some viruses, but not others.

Not only will Suzanne will teach you about the elderberry itself and when to harvest them, but she will also demonstrate how to properly process the fresh berries so you can learn how to make a tincture, oxymel, or elixir! Note: The elderberries will be harvested prior to the workshop, fresh frozen and ready to process for the highest rate of effectiveness.

There will be companion herbs available at no charge to add to the elderberry remedies.

The workshop will be inside in Suzanne’s fabulously cozy and comfortable kitchen if the weather is less than pleasant. Otherwise, we will be outside in the outdoor lounge area. Herbal tea will be provided. Perhaps an apple or two from our orchard may end up in the students’ bags to take home!


Prepare for winter with elderberry remedies you make and take in the workshop!

Are you ready for winter? It’s coming! Let’s get prepared with herbal remedies to have on hand when needed. There are so many elder bushes in North Idaho! It can be confusing to weed through all the information about elderberries to find the most effective ways to process them for the strongest medicine AND the best time for harvesting. We’re here for you!

Suzanne Tabert brings her 35+ years of harvesting and processing elderberries to you for a day packed full of information and fun!


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