Hugelkultur Guilds & Straw Bale Gardening

Hugelkultur is German for “hill culture.” One hugelkultur hill or several hills, aka “guilds,” create high-yielding low-maintenance food/herb gardens using native forests as a model. Straw bale gardens are unique and versatile in that they can be installed just about anywhere and provide a matrix for healthy lush plants.

Space is limited.

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Hugelkultur employs nontoxic and noninvasive logs and branches, fallen leaves, pine and fir needles, grass clippings, straw, cardboard, food waste, dead things the cat brings in, spent grains and coffee grounds from the local brewery and coffeehouse, seaweed, manure from chickens, rabbits, horses, etc., compost, whatever biomass is available, and topped with soil. Into this nutrient rich pile herbs, flowers, and food are planted.


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