Hawthorn Berry Wildcrafting Intensive


What are those bright, gorgeous berries that are beckoning? Hawthorn! This “everything is going to be ok” herb is considered a primo herb for supporting cardiovascular health and the heart both physically and emotionally. We’ll delve into plant constituents to learn the “why and how” hawthorn is working with our anatomy and physiology to improve the health of not only the cardiovascular system, but of the nervous system as well. Come learn all about the benefits of Hawthorn and learn how to make exquisite medicine with its bountiful gifts!

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Hawthorn is a nutritive food that grows wild all around us and is the premier herb for heart health, contributing to both physical and emotional well-being. Regularly eating herbs and foods high in flavonoids has been shown to decrease the inflammation and oxidative stress. Hawthorn is rich in antioxidants! In this class you will learn the why and how Hawthorn can play a role in nourishing and strengthening the heart and cardiovascular system. You will learn a variety of preparations and recipes for getting the medicine of Hawthorn to folks who need it and in the way they will enjoy taking it!


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