Garden Apothecary


“A garden is a friend you can visit any time.” – Sandia Seed

The garden is in full bloom at the CMHS farmlet! We’ll tour my garden to see what’s been planted there – you’ll be inspired to make a variety of remedies to take home in community with the bees, geese and chickens. Perhaps you’ll take home a plant start or two as well!

Space is limited.

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While learning the medicine of each plant, students will be creating formulas on paper. I’ll teach how to pick the right part of the plant and use the correct menstrua to both extract and preserve the medicine and nutrition. Additionally, learn how to properly dry and store the herbs to use later in the seasons.

Then I’ll turn everyone loose to pick, chop and create remedies of their own choice. So important is learning “how to get the medicine to the people in ways they’ll enjoy taking, so that healing can occur.” We will dive deep into a myriad ways about how to use the the remedies students create. Herbal truffles may be involved….

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