Fireside Chats 2023-24


Are you ready to deepen your journey into herbal medicine and natural health care in a super casual environment?

Our live, 1-hour online Herbal Fireside Chats will help you:

  • Learn how to heal from leaky gut and adrenal fatigue and get a great night’s sleep
  • Explore the wisdom of the elders and the role epigenetics play in our health
  • Navigate perimenopause and menopause (taught by 2 postmenopausal women!)
  • Dive deep into how to gather herbs at the correct time and craft highly effective herbal remedies
  • Take charge of your health and well-being!


Whether you’re new to herbalism or are more experienced and want to add to your self-reliant herbal toolbelt, our Herbal Fireside Chats will help you gain greater confidence and find your community of like-minded herbies. Grab a cup of tea and a blanket and join us! Participants receive the presentation pdf a day before each fireside chat and will have access to the recording for one year!

Friday November 3
Leaky Gut, Lifestyle & Herbal Support
Leaky gut seems to be a buzzword these days that many folks are being told they have. What is it and what can be done to correct this issue? Leaky gut is actual separations (breaks) in the membranes of the intestines which can cause chronic inflammation and low grade infections, giving rise to many health issues. Diet and herbs can correct this issue – repairing the membranes and resolving inflammation.

Friday, November 17
Aging Gracefully Part 1: Transition to Menopause
Aging gracefully with joy is a mindset. It is also a process that can be aided by making some lifestyle changes to prepare for a smooth transition. The sooner you start the better – and easier transition – for you and even for your daughters! Learn about the impacts of xenoestrogens (aka estrogen mimickers), how to avoid them and how phytoestrogens from plants can play a protective role.

Friday December 1
Aging Gracefully Part 2: Managing Menopause & Postmenopause
Let’s get real! Two menopausal women share their stories and strategies for sailing through the ups and downs of menopause, including herbal remedies we have found helpful in getting relief from hot flashes, acne flares, vaginal dryness, muscle and joint aches and more! We will share why we love our ages and the many benefits of getting older.

Friday December 15
The Wisdom of Our Elders
An exploration of healing with plants, fungi, and the combined potential of nature, wisdom, perspective and love from the knowledge and experiences of those who came before us. Their voices can be heard in our teaching.

Friday January 5
Plant Potency ~ When to Harvest Plants & Their Parts for Highly Effective Remedies
As one of my apprentices said: “To me, the importance of picking herbal medicine at the correct time, (with) the ray flowers are pointing towards the sky, the purple of the hypericum at different times in the bud, flower. I don’t think I had really understood there was a difference between pollinated and unpollinated plants prior to the class. I don’t think other herbalists that I follow really teach that.” We’ll explore roots, leaves, flowers and barks.

Friday January 19
Herbs & Protocols for Blissful Sleep
Restful sleep is crucial for all of our body processes and our mental health. Does restful sleep elude you? Let’s fix that! Learn about healthy sleep hygiene, effective habits and some wonderful herbs to develop your own custom plan that will help you fall and stay in blissful slumber the whole night through! Ahhhh….get ready for some zzzzzz’s!

Friday February 2
Adrenal Fatigue? Adrenal Exhaustion!
It took a long time to get there. We may have seen signs, yet ignored or dismissed them. The inability to think clearly, constant tiredness. Anxiety and/or panic attacks. Body aches, changes in hair and skin. Weight gain in the torso, butt and thighs that no amount of sit ups or diet changes help. Help is on the horizon. Suzanne shares her journey from adrenal exhaustion to deep healing.

Friday February 16
Herbal Infusions & Decoctions
Do I simmer or steep a particular plant? Which part? for how long? Hot or cold water? Is an herbal infusion different than a decoction? Does it even matter? Oh, yes, it really does! Whether you are new to learning about herbal remedies, need a refresher or want to take your skills to the next level, you will learn about a variety of water based preparations and which process is best suited for the herbs – knowledge that will empower you to craft the most effective remedies!

Friday March 1
Epigenetics & Health
Epigenetics is the study of how cells control gene activity without changing the DNA sequence.The foods our mothers and grandmothers ate while pregnant, the stressors they dealt with, the foods they ate, their relationships, perspectives and thoughts, their involvement in nature and environment in the home play a part in our health today. We can become unbound from what we think as genetic predisposition and take charge of our health.

Friday March 15
The Real Buzz on Beautifully Infused Medicinal Honeys
It seems so simple…herb + honey, what could go wrong?! Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation out there preventing folks from achieving sweet medicine-making perfection. Properly infused and preserved honeys are dependent on many variables including a basic understanding of how honey actually extracts plant constituents. Find out how, when and why you want to incorporate honey remedies into your herbal apothecary. Let’s get the medicine to the people in ways they’ll enjoy taking, so that healing can occur.

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