Early Spring Foraging: Nettles!


I am super excited to share my knowledge and experience of nettles with you! This is by far one of my favorite herbs to teach about, because nettles are so accessible (mind the sting!), yet powerfully healing plants. I am delighted to teach you how easy is is to find, forage and incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle.

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Nettle is bursting with beneficial goodness! The lovely stinging nettle, Urtica dioica, is a nutrient rich green that our bodies recognize as both food and medicine. Good nutrition is the crucial foundation for building a healthy body, mind and spirit and nettles can help you build strong vitality!

In this fresh-air course, you will learn to locate and accurately identify nettles. You will also learn the right time to harvest for the most potent, effective nutrition and medicinal benefits and experience foraging for nettles using a couple different techniques. You will make and take home 2 different remedies … (best of all!) you will sample an amazingly delicious FRESH nettle pesto…which we will make right there in field! This is a must-do Spring class!

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