Devil’s Club Harvest Intensive & Medicine Making (Spring)

This is a unique and rare opportunity to learn more about and harvest Devil’s Club. To work intimately with this special plant and make a variety of medicines that are deeply and profoundly healing to the body, psyche and spirit.

* Please note: enrolling in this class requires a prerequisite: Devil’s Club Plant Sit: Identification and Meditation offered in Spring and Fall. The next Devil’s Club Plant Sit: Identification and Meditation is being held on April 7, 2024. Please contact Heather for more information.


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What will Devil’s Club reveal to you about its medicine, how to be in relationship with it and how to work with it to bring about your own transformations? This is a plant that has sustained me in times of great turmoil, distress and grief. For me, Devil’s Club is uplifting, powerfully protective, wise, steady and dependable. I call this my “shelter from the storm and strength for the journey” plant. It offers me calm in the midst of chaos, a peaceful respite where I can become grounded and clear, and when I am ready, it lights my path forward.

Every person will have their own experience with Devil’s Club. It is a plant that is highly communicative!

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