Desert Sage Intensive & Field Hydrosol Distillation in Eastern WA


This is a full day intensive workshop that combines learning about and experiencing Desert Sage, blissfully wildcrafting it to make remedies AND participating in a hydrosol distillation using a traditional copper alembic still!

Hydrosol is the ancient art of bringing together fresh plants, living water, thoughtful intention and the elements to create a new liquid creation that is greater than the sum of its parts, that deepens our relationships with plants and expands our options for healing modalities.

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Artemisia tridentata, commonly called Desert Sage or Sagebrush, is the a highly fragrant, deeply evocative plant that grows profusely across the dry, rocky steppes and windswept plains of the Mountain West.

Desert Sage is a powerful protector of the psyche, a dream herb, a banisher of negative energy, a spiritual touchstone on a journey of self revelation and acceptance… oh, and it is also highly medicinal in the physical sense, too! I can tell share so much with you about Desert Sage, but it is a plant you truly must experience for yourself.


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