Beginning Herbalism: Introduction to Infusions & Decoctions

Herbalism has its own language, as do the plants we work with so learning about plants and herbalism, and this new language, can feel a bit intimidating at first! But you are a welcome person with the plants and with us at Cedar Mountain Herb School! If you have been wanting to learn about herbal medicine and different herbal preparations, this is the class for you! By the way, this class would make the MOST delightful Mother’s Day gift for yourself or someone special!

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Herbal infusions and decoctions are created by combining water and herbs! How simple is that?! Well, not too complicated, there is a bit more to the different techniques and knowing when to use them. The key is learning which plant is best suited to steeping in hot or cold water for a few hours or overnight, or simmering for a period of time at a higher heat.

In this stress-free class you will learn so much about how to work with different plants when it comes to water preparation, and which types and parts of plants are suitable for water preparations, but without being overwhelmed! Class includes demos, sampling the different preparations, and recipes!

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