Beginning Herbalism: Introduction to Infused Honeys

Mmmmm! Honey + Herbs is truly one of the most delightful ways receive the benefits of plant medicine for health and vitality! Honey itself is naturally medicinal, full of beneficial nutrients, acids, and enzymes. Add in some herbs to that sweet ambrosia, and you can have a powerhouse of a remedy. Plus herbal infused honeys are a great way entice those herbal-reluctant folks you care about to take their medicine, too! Yes, please!

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Making an herb infused honey sounds so simple and, yes, it can be…but properly infused honeys that are shelf-stable are dependent on many variables including a basic understanding of how honey actually extracts plant constituents. In this class you will learn everything you need to know about infusing herbs into honey to get the full benefits from the herbs and the honey itself . You will learn through step-by-step instructions, demonstration, tasting (of course!) and by making your own infused honey to take home!

By the way, this class would make the SWEETEST Mother’s Day gift for yourself or someone special! And it pairs well with Beginning Herbalism: Introduction to Infusions and Decoctions, offered in the afternoon.

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