2-Day Seasonal Series: Basic Herbal First Aid (Autumn)


Accidents Happen! Did you know that there are plants growing right at your feet and above your head that can be quickly used in a pinch when an emergency situation arises to stop bleeding, reduce pain from burns, cuts and sprains, ease an allergic reaction, treat an insect sting or bite, and more? Not only that, but often these plants are preferred remedies, often achieving better results than anything you can buy!

This course builds on the Spring and Summer sessions but can be taken as a stand-along course.

Beginners warmly welcomed and encouraged!

This class is full

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In this course you will build and add to your First Aid knowledge, skills and create effective apothecary staples with plants that are available in each season. This course is taught by an herbalist and wildcrafter trained in Advanced First Aid.

You will learn basic first aid responses, protocols and preparations that address a wide variety of emergency topics and situations. And you will develop your own Materia medica and herbal first aid kit!

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