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Fall Botanical Primer – Seattle 2021

Autumn mini apprenticeship geared towards hands-on field work and learning about plants where they grow! Learn to prepare for herbal wellness during the cold season!!

Autumn Botanical Primer – Sandpoint 2021

Autumn mini apprenticeship geared towards herbally preparing for the winter months!

Elderberries and Fire Cider (09/19/2021)

It's elderberry and fire cider season - time to make effective remedies to last through the winter!

Garden Herb Culinary Wreath Making (10/02/2021)

Create a culinary herb kitchen wreath to use all winter long!

Wild Harvest Intensive ~ Hawthorn Berries Fall 2021 (Sandpoint, ID)

This wildcrafting intensive is for those who wish to dive deep into all things Hawthorn and is suitable for both beginning and advanced students. No prior herbal knowledge or experience needed! We will spend the day identifying and learning all about hawthorn, proper harvesting time and techniques, and abundant medicine making!

Herbal Apothecary ~ Self Reliant Herbalism Summer 2021

Gain the skills needed to feel confident knowing when to pick plants at their strongest and how to process them to ensure that the remedies will be high quality herbal medicine that really works!

gut health probiotics immunity

Gut Health ~ Building Robust Immunity and Emotional Health Summer 2021

Gut health is the cornerstone to healthy nervous and immune systems. Go beyond fabulous digestive health to reversing chronic inflammation and creating mental and immune health using bitter herbs. Learn the relationship that the gut has with stress and immunity and how to heal and maintain this connection.

The Medicinal Herb Garden and Hydrosol Distillation Summer 2021

Planting and tending a medicinal herb garden is a meditation practice! Herbs, bees, birds, sun, water, and soil combine to create a sanctuary for both plants and people.

Foods That Heal ~ Anti-inflammatory Cooking Summer 2021

This class teaches the necessary basics of going gluten, dairy and refined sugar free as well as: 5 simple recipes to cook and share with clients and/or loved ones, Break down natural sweeteners, which are healthy, and which are not, What are the most common inflammatory ingredients, How to bake gluten free vegan, and How to menu plan.

hawthorn berry uses and remedies

Wildcrafting: Hawthorn Berry Intensive Autumn 2021

Hawthorn, the "everything is going to be ok" herb is so needed now more than ever! Hawthorn is considered a primo herb for supporting overall cardiovascular health. We’ll delve into plant constituents to learn the “why and how” hawthorn is working with our anatomy and physiology to improve the health of not only the cardiovascular system, but of the nervous system as well.