herbal labs online

Are you ready to deepen your journey into herbal medicine and natural health care?

Introducing live, online Herbal Labs that will help you:

  • Expand your knowledge and skills in remedy making
  • Take charge of your health and well-being
  • Get real-time feedback with projects you might be working on

It’s like having an herbal personal trainer!

Knowing when to harvest or how to make remedies on your own can be scary. If you feel unsure of your herbal skills, isolated due to covid, or even if you feel like the “odd one out,” Herbal Labs will help you find your community of likeminded wildlings, and gain the confidence to do your herbal projects the right way. You may be a unicorn, but you don’t have to be a lonely one. Other people sit under trees and talk to plants!

So that we can all enjoy the longer days outdoors and focus on in-person workshops, the online herbal labs are suspended until this fall. We hope to see you in our workshops in the field and garden! 

WHEN: Friday evenings, 6:30-8pm Pacific Time. The first and third Friday of each month.

WHERE: Online! Labs will be in the comfort and safety of your home! No Covid anxiety. Zoom links will be provided before each lab and will be in your Student Account.

WHO? Suzanne, Heather, …and YOU! Suzanne and/or Heather will direct each Herbal Lab.

FORMAT: Suzanne or Heather will lecture for 20 minutes, the rest will be discussion. Students then have plenty of time for Q & A and each question/answer might spawn others. Bring your notebook, bring your questions… we love a good pop quiz!

Upcoming topics and dates will be posted in advance in the Student Center. A few of the themes coming up: infused oils, phytochemistry (before the phytochemistry class!), herbs for: digestive health, immune health, mental health/nervines. We’ll examine specific plants and their interactions in the body, and we’ll discuss how to make effective remedies, supplements, essential oils, and common-sense practices for help with common ailments. Harvesting plants in the wild. Garden plants. What to harvest right now. The list goes on and on!

Have fun,
gain confidence,
stay current,
join a community and get so freaking inspired!!!!
Herbal Labs are just the place for building friendships, join discussions and find ALL the happy. Suzanne and Heather’s humor, passion, and vast knowledge and experience will help you deepen your relationship with plants, herbs, and other people. We promise the Labs will be informative and productive while being entertaining and fun.

It’s Summertime!…

Time to get outside and get wild! So that we can all enjoy the longer days outdoors and focus on in-person workshops, the online herbal labs are suspended until this fall. Complete the form below to be notified when Labs start up again:

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