herbal labs online

Are you ready to deepen your journey into herbal medicine and natural health care?

Introducing live, online Herbal Labs that will help you:

  • Expand your knowledge of herbal medicine and skills in making effective remedies
  • Take charge of your health and well-being
  • Get real-time feedback with projects you might be working on

It’s like having an herbal personal trainer!

Knowing when – or where – to harvest plants and how to make strong and effective herbal remedies on your own can be intimidating. If you feel unsure of your herbal skills and/or want to brush up on your herbal knowledge and add to your self reliant herbal toolbelt, our Herbal Labs will help you gain greater confidence and find your community of like-minded wildlings. 


WHEN:  The First and Third Fridays of each month – 6:30-8pm Pacific Time Starting Friday, November 5th!

WHERE: Online! The labs will be in the comfort of your home with zoom links provided in your Student Portal. Make sure to get comfortable logging in to the student portal prior to each lab, as Suzanne and Heather will not be able to assist (cat herding is above their pay grade)! More info will be provided upon registration, including zoom links.

WHO: The lovely Suzanne and Heather… and YOU! These 2 herbal dynamos split each month’s labs, alternating the instruction with their vast experience out in the field and in the lab.

FEE:  TBA on Saturday, Sept 18.  In the future, we will offer recordings of past labs, from which students can pick and choose.

Registration will open by Saturday, Sept 18th! Zippeeeeee! 

FORMAT: Suzanne or Heather will offer a presentation with lecture and provide demonstrations for 45 minutes with the remainder of the labs open for questions and discussion. Bring your projects, notebook and your questions… we love a good pop quiz!


Each lab will focus on a thought provoking informative topic: 

  • Nov 5th – Building Immunity with Herbal Mocktails and Treats!

    Herbal medicine can be effective AND tasty! Suzanne will kick off the herbal labs by exploring getting immune building adaptogens to the people in ways that they will enjoy taking so healing can occur.

  • Nov 19 – Fire cider: A Fiesta in a Jar!

    It’s not too late to whip up a zesty batch of fire cider – tried and true herbal goodness for combating colds and viruses. Learn what goes into fire cider, the why of each ingredient, and how they work with your body to prevent, ease, and shorten illness! Heather leads this lab.

  • Dec 3 – Herbs for a Relaxing Holiday Season

    Goodness! There’s nothing like a family gathering to stress a person out! Suzanne will share some of her favorite stress relieving herbs and go-to’s.

  • Dec 17 – Magical Douglas Fir

    Heather will cover tons about the wonderful medicine of this amazing tree ally and demonstrate how to make an herbal oil using the alcohol intermediary method!

  • Jan 7 – Phytochemistry Basics

    Suzanne brings her wealth of knowledge of plant constituent groups and how to best extract and preserve them for effective remedies.

  • Jan 21 – Herbs for Winter Wellness: Coughs

    Not all coughs are the same and there is not a one-size-fits-all herb for coughs! We will cover some herbal energetic basics and how to choose the most appropriate herb based on symptoms. Heather will demonstrate how to make effective herbal infusions.

  • Feb 4 – Medicinal Mushrooms

    Suzanne covers the top benefits of medicinal mushrooms and demos a simple, yet powerful, mushroom cream.

  • Feb 18 – Spring Barks: Wild Cherry

    Heather demos how to make an effective wild cherry bark syrup using 2 different methods. Wild cherry is not only for cough suppression!

  • March 4 – Foraging Robust Health with Dandelions

    Nutrient dense dandelions offer a vast amount of health benefits to all body systems. Digestive bitter, cellular chaperone, blood sugar modulation are only a few of dandelions’ super powers. Suzanne leads this lab.

  • March 18 – For Health and Vitality…It’s Nettle Time

    Nettles are a whole, nutritionally dense food, nourishing to all organs and tissues in the body! Learn how to properly process them to make the MOST effective remedies. Heather leads this lab.

  • April 1 – Herbs of Spring

    Spring emerges bright and strong, with a creative flow that can boost our own energy and vitality. Suzanne leads this lab.

  • April 15 – Wildcrafting Basics: Finding your places!

    Heather will cover everything you need to know about where it’s ok to harvest wild plants and where not to and how to find your own special places! She’ll also cover helpful tips about how to be prepared to process herbs in the field!

As the spring season progresses, Heather and Suzanne will assess interest in continuing through late spring and summer.

  • Have fun
  • Gain confidence
  • Stay current
  • Join a thriving community and get so freaking inspired!!!!

Herbal Labs are just the place to build lasting friendships, join discussions and find ALL the happy. Suzanne and Heather’s humor, passion, and vast knowledge and experience will help you deepen your relationship with both wild and garden plants. We promise the labs will be informative and productive while being entertaining and fun.

It’s Summertime!…

Time to get outside and get wild! So that we can all enjoy the longer days outdoors and focus on in-person workshops, the online herbal labs are suspended until this fall. Complete the form below to be notified when Labs start up again:

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