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      Kristina marvinKristinajmarvin

      I have been working on making my own rose water to add to face creams and such… I am running into the problem of….. spoilage… without putting it into the fridge it only lasts a few days…. I have the idea of straining it better, with a finer strain to hopefully take out as much plant matter as possible.. but, is there anything else to add that would help to prolong it without adding any negative additives? I was thinking of adding some of my rose extract.. but.. wanted to run this past the pros first. Any ideas?

      Thank you!


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      Hello love!

      A rose hydrosol would be a better alternative to homemade rose water. What is being sold commercially as rose water is hydrosol. I keep my hydrosols in the fridge and they last and last!

      Is it time to buy a teeny still for yourself? Here is where Heather and I purchased ours:


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      Kristina marvinKristinajmarvin

      That is exactly the answer I needed and that is exactly what I now MUST do 🥰😁🙌 thank you!! I was checking out the stills a few weeks ago too 😁🥰 I cannot wait..

      That does make a LOT more sense for keeping longer (hydrosol vs water) I also feel that stills can bring so many other valuable avenues for making thingS. Keeping on the path of growing and learning.

      Thank you!

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      Yes, we are always learning! Hey, Heather and Gottfried missed you at the garden today. I am going to meet Heather at the garden the Monday after Roots to Tips starts next month. There will be more to dig up!

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      Kristina marvinKristinajmarvin

      They sure did NOT miss me 😁😁🥰🥰 i got there just in time! And some treats headed your way. I would also love to help next time too 🤩🥰 your garden space was so inspiring to see. You really use the space so well. It was really great to see. I cannot wait for roots to tips!

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      Oh joy! I’m glad you got there before they left! Were you able to dig up any plants?????

      And treats? Yay! Thank you! I love presents! I hear that Heather had treats for you, too!

      Roots to Tips is going to be a blast! xxoo

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      Kristina marvinKristinajmarvin

      As always, it was a beautiful exchange of laughs, love, knowledge and smiles… you were missed in the physical but there SO much so, in spirit <3 it was so beautiful.. I love seeing your hubman out there working so carefully for you… it is just so refreshing to see… and how you speak of him during classes… what a beautiful love!!! I truly love your guys’ love story.

      I got some of your roses trimmings.. I am going to love them and put them in willow water 🙂 hopefully they will root up a bit… I think they will… and I got a bunch of different starts.

      I got Mugwort starts from Heather too! And she brought the hydrosol 😀 😀 😀

      I learned a lot from only being there 30 minutes 😀 as I do every time I am around you or this tribe <3

      What I really appreciated most was seeing how efficiently you are using your small space there. And seeing the other gardens and what I COULD be growing right NOW!! That was exciting to see… your neighbor had Brussel sprouts and kale ready for the picking… it was a fresh breath of excitement for the season that is upon us 😀 And Heather gives me so much love and amazing advice.. I feel so thankful for YOU BOTH!!!!! SO SO SOOOO MUCH. Beautiful people <3 what you seek, seeks you <3

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      Aaaand, now I’m crying…

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      Kristina marvinKristinajmarvin

      😄🥰🥰 Good cries are the best! 💙🦋

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