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      Erica Meisgeieremeisgeier

      Hi all,

      I am making the Reishi decoction, and the instructions say to boil down water to 1/3. Is that 1/3 of the total 1.5 cups, or just when there is 1/3 cup of liquid left?

      Thank you!

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      Hello Erica!

      Thank you for reaching out with your question!! We appreciate those who make this forum active, fun, and informative.

      First a bit about the polysaccharides, which are what we are extracting from the shrooms: Polysaccharides (beta-glucans) are not destroyed by heat or digestive enzymes; in fact they need heat to extract. Polysaccharides decrease inflammatory cytokines and are immune modulating. Polysaccharides stimulate the parasympathetic action to produce mucus, our body’s natural demulcent, to soothe dry, irritated tissues and conduct microbes and particulates out of the body. Contained in the chiton (cell walls), polysaccharides act as a prebiotic (as most fiber does) to support beneficial bacteria and decrease non beneficial bacteria.

      I don’t know what volume of water you are starting with, so here are my thoughts and way to make an effective mushroom decoction:

      Place the very small (as small as you can make them) pieces of mushrooms in a crock pot or soup pot, cover with 4 cups water, and allow to simmer for 2 hours. Watch carefully to ensure that the water doesn’t evaporate completely out. You’ll want to end up with 1/3 cup decoction. This will also allow for the extraction of the anthraquinone Chrysophanic acid, which induces cell death in different types of cancer cells. Soluble in water and ethanol.

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