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      I’m planning to make some oil-based face masks for my sister for her birthday, by macerating in oil several plants that are available to me locally and then blending the oils together with some beeswax to thicken the solution slightly.

      So far I’m planning on chickweed, fennel seed, and carrot. I’m considering a few others such as bay leaves and rosemary, but I’m thinking probably fewer is better so the ones that are there are more concentrated? Maybe some (bought) lavender essential oil to help it smell nice?

      Does anyone have any experience with this sort of recipe or any advice?

      Her skin doesn’t have any ongoing issues, just the odd pimple, and is more oily than dry but not seriously oily.

      Thanks 🙂

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      Hello Leah!

      Thanks for checking and and posting here on our forum! This gets people excited about posting and learning!

      So, I need more information to give you the best advice I can. From what I’m seeing, you are making a salve.

      Please tell me the difference between an oil based face mask and a salve. Is this something that is slathered on and then wiped off?


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      Hi Suzanne, nice to meet you 🙂

      And thank you for creating this space!

      I’m sort of making it up, drawing on what I’ve read about creating salves but going for a different, runnier consistency. Do you know the sheet masks that are becoming fairly popular? They’re a cool idea but fairly expensive and also create more waste than I’m comfortable with for the purpose. My plan is to sew washable and re-useable sheet masks out of linen or cotton, and then create some skin care solutions that the masks can be soaked in before being applied to the face. Ideally, the solution wouldn’t need to be washed off afterwards, but that might depend on the amount of solution used. I’m planning to use a light oil such as sunflower or rice bran.

      All the recipes I’ve been able to find for face masks are either too solid to work with a sheet mask, or aren’t designed to be stored for more than a week. So I’m improvising and may end up doing a bit of experimenting to figure out how to create something that will work.

      It’s also my first time intentionally using herbs for health outside of creating herbal teas which I’ve been experimenting with for the last few months. Starting to use herbs externally seemed like a comfortable next step as I feel I have a lot more to learn before I’d be confident making medicinal strength tinctures and the like.

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      You are most welcome! I’d love to see the forum become a vibrant place to serve the herbal community.

      I’ve seen sheet masks for sale, and always have blanched at the chemicals in them!

      Interesting, the oil based face masks. I don’t have experience with them. My intuition tells me that using beeswax may not work well as it can plug pores and that’s the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

      What do you think about leaving out the beeswax and simply using the medicinal oils? The issue would be that the same sheet mask should not be used again as it would have bacteria, etc from the face that would then be reapplied to the face. That could cause a yucky situation!

      A single usage medicinal oil mask would be pleasant.

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      I definitely don’t want to plug pores, so leaving the beeswax out seems like a good idea. Thanks 🙂

      If the material mask was washed in between uses, potentially with boiling water, and new oil applied fresh each time, would that reduce the risk of bacteria to reasonable levels?

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      You’re welcome, love! It would hard to get that much oil out of fabric and could stain other articles that are washed with it. Boiling water “could” help, for sure.

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