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      Sita ToccoSita

      Hello! I copied and pasted this from the Roots to Tips apprenticeship forum page, looking for some guidance. Anyone? Thank you, great souls! Stay cool if you’re here in the PNW… eegads! Joy! Sita

      Let’s talk about alcohol!

      I blindly went to the grocery store after class to try to find two things:
      1. 151 proof alcohol (no luck!)
      2. 100 proof alcohol, gluten free (no luck!)

      As a non-drinker, I had no idea how many darn tootin’ bottles of alcohol I would encounter, with most being 80 proof – a few being just a smidge higher! Perhaps it’s best to go to a liquor store?

      1. Researching online, it seems 151 proof alcohol is called Everclear? This is what you would use in the plantain succus?

      2. Has anyone found 100 proof that’s gluten free? Here’s the caveat – in mid-2020, the FDA said distilleries could label finished products made from gluten because of the claim that the distillation process renders the gluten containing grains without gluten. Seems suspicious and frankly, I think FDA sleeps around, if you know what I mean! I will be doing research into companies that go beyond the gluten free claim and share how they make their product starting with a gluten-free grain and see that nothing is added into it’s finish that could contain gluten. Anyhooo…

      Love, joy, and misty cooling thoughts! It was a joy to see many herbal angels today – missed you Mandy, Christina, and Jessica! Big cool herbal tea of thanks to our Queen Bee!

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      Hello Island Beauty!

      Grocery stores don’t carry 151. Try BevMo, Total Wine, and local actual liquor stores.

      Gluten free….would this be helpful? https://urbantastebud.com/gluten-free-alcohol-list/

      100 degrees in Sandpoint today!

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      Sita ToccoSita

      Thank you, Queen Bee of the Water Lilies – thinking of a cooling name. 😉

      I will try an actual liquor store – and thanks for the GF list.

      With gratitude and joy!

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