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      Kristin ReedKristin

      I have actually never made infused honey before, so I started two this week! I’m making one with fresh ginger slices and one with dried rose petals.

      Maybe a silly question, but in recipes they always tell you to get all the air bubbles out. The rose petal honey has lots of little air bubbles that I just can’t get between some of the petals.

      Does this matter? Does this leave room for bacteria to grow or something? Do you really have to get all the air bubbles out, or are they just saying that to get you to stir it up really well and coat the herbs?

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      Hello Kristin!

      I teach – and make – herbal honeys using only fresh plant material. Honey is hygroscopic, meaning it draws water to it. So many plant constituents are water soluble. With dried plant material, you will not get as much medicine as you would with fresh. You’ll get cool colors, some essential oils and other medicine, but not the full value.

      An alternative is powdering the dried herbs and stirring the powder into honey until you get a nut butter consistency. This is called a miel – which means honey – and is not meant to be strained out.

      As far as air bubbles, that could cause some fermenting. After I fill the jar completely to the top, I’ll tap the jar before putting on the lid and allowing the air bubbles to work their way up and out.


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