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      Hey wildlings! To make sure CMHS stays a safe space to learn, share and socialize, please take some time to read the following Herbal Forum guidelines. Violators of these guidelines will have their posts deleted and may be banned from the forum.

      PLEASE NOTE: We have a one-strike “you’re out” policy. Our Moderators are not babysitters, mediators, correctional officers, referees or goose herders. We should not have to explain what it means to be respectful adults. It is upon everyone here to behave themselves with kindness and respect, and to keep this a safe place for everyone.

      The CMHS Herbal Forum is privately owned and operated by The “Queen Bee” herself, Suzanne Tabert (me). Welcome to my enchanted forest. Participation here is a privilege reserved only for those who respect that privilege.

      The Herbal Forum at CMHS has three primary purposes:

      1. To be a safe and fun space where people can share, learn and enjoy the wonderful world of herbs and all things natural.
      2. To be a light in the world for those on their herbal paths.
      3. To add a vital, social component to Cedar Mountain Herb School’s classes, workshops, and other educational programs and products.


      Be kind. If you can’t be kind, be civil. If you can’t be kind or civil, be quiet.

      Please be advised that the following will not be tolerated:

      • Bullying, heckling, shaming, aggression, belittling, browbeating, degrading, harassing, hostility, harsh criticism, rudeness, gossiping or better-than-thou treatment of others. We do NOT tolerate victimizing behavior, here.
      • Bitching, whining, moaning (BWM), complaining, arguing, defensiveness, tattling or childish immaturity. We do NOT harbor victim mentality, either.
      • Hate-speech, bigotry, racism, sexism, age-ism or any other ‘ism’ that disrespects another human or living creature.
      • Profanity. Not allowed, even by the Queen Bee herself!! (Not here in the forum, anyway.)
      • Know-it-alls who do not allow others to speak their opinions or share knowledge.
      • Any language of a flagrant sexual nature or innuendo.
      • Posts containing misleading, false or potentially harmful information.
      • Soliciting businesses, products, sales or other financial ventures outside CMHS.
      • Posts regarding the use of herbs in tarot, paganism or wicca.
      • Posts regarding the use of marijuana/cannabis or other illegal drugs.
      • Religious proselytizing.
      • Social or political campaigning, promotion, or arguing.
      • Any content whatsoever I don’t like.


      At this time, the Herbal Forum has one moderator. I do what I can to keep the forum organized, educational, and fun, yet have only so many hours in the day for monitoring activity and behavior. There will be folks on this forum of all experiential levels and we must allow for mistakes, stutters and new information. I fully expect everyone to act like mature, respectful adults, exercise healthy boundaries, and conduct themselves politely and with kindness.

      I have full authority over the content of this site and forum. Content may be edited, re-organized or deleted as I see fit in order to keep content relevant, organized and on-message for our School.

      Any posts with inappropriate or prohibited content will be deleted without notice or explanation. Repeat offenders will be banned from the forum with or without warning. You’ve been warned!


      The entire content of this website is educational only and not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. We may not always be able to fact-check every single member post or comment! We take zero responsibility for comments others make. All participants are responsible for using common sense and fact-checking ALL information found in the Forum and this site. We do not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any information and are not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information. Always seek the advice of a physician or other licensed health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or symptom. Never disregard, avoid or delay obtaining medical advice from your licensed health care provider because of something you have read on this website.

      If you don’t like our rules, you don’t have to play. A forum like this takes time, attention, personal funds and lots of love. If you want a place to play by your own rules, you are free to find or create another place to do so.

      Happy posting, and get ready to learn lots and have a blast!
      Suzanne “Queen Bee” Tabert
      Suzanne Tabert

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