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      Ingrid HunterIngrid

      If you were given a plot of empty land, what are your top 10 medicinal plants you would plant?

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      Hello Ingrid! Welcome to our forum. I hope you will take the time to read other posts and possibly share some of your experience with others.

      In answer to your question, it brings up LOTS of questions that must be taken into consideration:

      How big is the plot?
      Where is it located – zone?
      Is it in a sunny location or shady, or a combo of both?
      How do you plan to utilize the plants planned? Personally enjoyment? For pollinators? A teaching garden? To make remedies to sell? To sell starts or fresh or dried?
      Who are your target customers, if you are choosing to sell/teach?
      Do you want to grow perennials, biennials, and/or annuals?
      Organic or not?
      Realistically, how many hours would you/the gardener have each day/week to put into the creation and maintenance of the garden?

      Do you see where we couldn’t possibly just throw out some info, not knowing the answers to these and many other questions.

      I am offering 2 online garden workshops in the coming new year and registrations for both are on the same page. Make sure to scroll down to see the info for both:

      Creating An Herb Garden For Health and Beauty ~ Part 1 ~ What Makes a Fertile Garden?

      1. “Explore what makes a garden, whether it be a plot of land, a window box, container garden, indoor jungle, hugelkultur, and/or straw bale gardening. The possibilities are endless and can be adapted to suit your lifestyle and limitations. Get creative!”

      2. “Join in the discussion about these and the many other herbs to plant in your garden, their requirements, and what they bring to the table and in your remedies, medicinally and nutritionally.”

      I believe that you would benefit greatly from the teachings in both of these workshops. I do limited mentoring, however, I would require that you take both of the online workshops first before we chat about mentoring requirements and fee.

      I hope this gets you thinking!

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