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      Shelly ComptonShelly Compton

      How do you make a Hawthorn flower Remedy?

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      Hiya Shelly!

      Thank you so much for checking in! I lovelovelove making flower remedies! They are simple to make and super effective herbal remedies. Here’s how to make them:

      Flower remedies

      Make sure all instruments of your flower remedies are clean, clean, clean. 

      What you need:
      1. 4 ounce clear glass jar – no lid
      2. Clean scissors ~ do not touch the blades
      3. Live water – not distilled. Find local springs or someone with good well water. Alternatively, you can purchase spring water, however, use spring water in glass, not plastic bottles. Mountain Valley spring water comes in green glass bottles.
      4. 2 or 4 ounce tincture bottle filled 1/4 way up with either brandy or organic apple cider vinegar
      5. Sun and flowers!

      Making sure you do not touch the inside of the jar, water, or the flowers, choose the flowers that call to you. Fill the jar with the live water 3/4s of the way full. Depending on flower size, cut 3-7 unpollinated flowers and/or mature but not opened flower buds and allow them to drop into the live water. Place it near the plant from which you cut the flowers, and allow the sun to infuse the vibrational healing from the flowers into the water for 3 – 4 hours. Make sure to place the jar in the path of the sun.

      After this time, use a part of the plant from which you chose the flowers to gently flick out the flowers. Pour the water into your waiting tincture bottle. Shake a few times. This is your mother tincture. 

      For treatment bottles, fill your 1/2, 1, or 2 ounce tincture bottles 1/4 way up with brandy or organic apple cider vinegar. Add plain live water up to the shoulder of the bottle. Add 3 drops of your mother tincture to the 1/2 ounce bottle, 7 drops to the 1 ounce, 15 drops to the 2 ounce. 

      Dosage is 3 – 4 drops from the treatment bottle. A bottle of mother flower remedy will make several dozen treatment bottles.

      Good websites for further research: 
      Bach flower remedies bachremedies.com
      TreeFrog Farm treefrogfarm.com

      Happy flower remedy making!!!!

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      Heather BrunoHeather Bruno

      @ShellyCompton….I am glad you are thinking about this! Guess what we are going to be making on the first day of the Spring Primer?! Well…one of the things! I can’t wait!

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