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      Shelly ComptonShelly Compton

      Please help me learn from my mistakes. I made hawthorn berry honey in September. I checked my jars and they had both formed mold at the top. What can I do next time to prevent this? Did I miss a step?

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      Heather BrunoHeather Bruno

      Hi Shelly! I am so glad you posted your question on the forum! But sorry that your hawthorn honeys molded-that is frustrating, I know. If you can post photos that might help to identify the problem, too. It could have happened for several reasons, primarily:

      Any herb or berry that has a high water content can easily ferment or even mold. If there is too much liquid in the honey, it loses it’s preservative qualities. So once the honey starts looking “liquidy” I put it in the refrigerator.

      Another thing that may have happened is too much berry to too little honey, or too much headspace in your jar. If the berries became exposed to air it can cause mold to form. My guess is that is what happened. Often times the plant material will rise to the top of the jar and the honey sinks to the bottom.

      With hawthorn, because there is so much pectin, it is especially important to keep the berries broken up so clumps don’t form, flipping over the jar once in awhile and poking with a spoon or chopstick help a lot to make sure it stays covered with the honey.

      I hope this is helpful-maybe someone else can chime in…did I forget anything?

      It sucks when this happens but remember, you are in the process of learning and I can tell you that my best learning has been from my mistakes!
      xoxo Heather

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