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      Given where I live now, some plants that are available in the PNW are not in New England. Some of them are available online in dried form, but not all. Besides coming to the PNW (which is virtually impossible right now – Thanks COVID), what would be the best way to get PNW plant material? Should it be processed first and then sent? Should I reformulate my recipes to use local materials? If I can get someone to harvest for me, what is the best way for it to be sent?

      – Wendy 🙂

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      Fabulous questions, Wendy! Thanks for helping to kick off the forum in such a good way!

      Now to answer – It will depend on the vitality of the plants. If you’re looking for something like any of the conifers, such as doug fir, that can be easily shipped in boxes without plastic bags added. Branches will keep viable during the shipping process for a few days. I’d say the same about Salal, Gaultheria shallon. Very hardy leaves.

      Roots should be ok to send. Personally, I’d have the person brush off the dirt vs. wash them as that could invite mold along the way. You can always wash the roots when you get them.

      Is there anything in particular that you’re looking for? Perhaps someone coming on the forum can do a trade with you! If you know and trust their harvesting and medicine making skills, they could make the remedies for you. Although, making remedies is such meditative work!

      As far as substituting East Coast herbs for PNW herbs… sure go ahead! It’s a fab way to get to know the plants of your area!

      Anyone else have anything to add? We’d love to hear from YOU!

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      Kristina marvinKristinajmarvin

      Hi Wendy 😀 I might be interested in trading some local herbs with you 😀 if you have some ideas and might be interested, let me know 🙂 good luck in New England!


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