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      What are you doing to prepare your garden for this year? I know in Washington, nettles are coming up and buds will be popping any day now, but here in North Idaho, it’s still cold!

      It’s not too late to get the garden ready. My hubman is cleaning up the garden from the last owner and putting in a new fence to keep the deer – and chickens – out. Up the road from us, some horse people are selling horse poop! I lovelovelove horse poop in the garden! We will get a couple loads for the garden and till it in before putting my bigger perennials that we’ll dig up from my Seattle garden later in March or April.

      How’s your garden going? I’d love to hear!

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      Sita ToccoSita

      Oooh, this is a great topic! Your sweet homestead looks so lovely from the few photos I’ve seen. It will be fun to watch it change through the seasons. 🙂

      We should have named our homestead Nettle Haven instead of Cedar Haven – because nettles *love* to grow here and many are up with quite a few leaves already. Nettle salt is something the farm makes so much of, we have it all year long, plus much to share/sell.

      With the mild winter, it seems we’ve been outside everyday. We are prepping first time beds, laying paths (with coffee burlap bags and woodchips), and letting the chickens scratch and peck to their heart’s contentment.

      We also ordered more seed packets than one could use (but those seed catalogs make me swoon!) We are just going to get seedlings going.

      Is there a way to share photos on the forum? It’d be fun and inspiring to see other’s gardens via photos. Joy!

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      Speaking of swooning, I’m swooning over what is already coming up in your area! It’s 7 degrees here today and all the buds and shoots are locked up tight. I’m looking forward to spring!

      Yes! There is a way to post pictures on the forum!

      How to post photos on the Forum

      I’d love to see your place ! It sounds lovely

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