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      Kristina MarvinKristinajm87

      Hello Suzanne and CMHS Folks 😀

      In my developing education, I am constantly looking through various sources to find the plant data I need. I usually start at Dr. Dukes and then comb through my books. I now have a ton of them 😀

      What I have started to find is that it takes some good time to really research out a plant and get all the knowledge I am looking for. Some books don’t have the herb I need and I have found that sometimes Dr. Dukes does not have what I am looking for either. When I get to a spot where I am burnt, I usually will go off university studies.. do you think this is a good place to look as well?

      What are some online locations you go to besides Dr. Dukes to get your plant info?

      Love and light <3

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      University studies can be helpful. Make sure to find out who is paying for their research as the money sometimes skews the results. is a place I go to for reliable research and case studies. is Michael Moore’s website

      Learning about one plant is a lifelong journey. Ask me how I know! xxoo

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