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      Sita ToccoSita

      Hello dear ones,

      I know we had a discussion going about Doug Fir, but I didn’t see this addressed in there…

      Now that I have 1/2 gallon of Doug Fir oil (made in crockpot with organic olive oil), I know I can use as is, make it into salve, or lip balm, and maybe a chest rub if I add something else?

      What creative uses have you found for the oil – in combination with other herbs or alone? Thank you! Joy! Sita

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      Hello hello!

      I remember the first time I made a medicinal oil, back in the 80’s. I used comfrey and wanted to make a moisturizing and skin healing salve. I made a half gallon and it went bad before I could use that much!

      I teach to make small quantities – say 8 ounces or so – until we get a good feel for the plant and its medicine.

      You have a half gallon of doug fir oil. I bet it smells wonderfully! Do you have my book Wild and Beautiful, Naturally? There are so many recipes in there for creams, salves, and yes, even a Breathe Easy chest rub!!! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of people on the farm who will willingly benefit from your bounty!

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      Sita ToccoSita

      Yes, we’re going to make a big batch of lip balm. 🙂 Thank you, dearest!

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      That’s going to be a lotta lip balms! Sounds heavenly!

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