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    Kristina marvinKristinajmarvin

    😄🤣🤣🤣 your bangs! Hahahaha how perfectly descriptive. My dad use to tell me stories of living up in Alaska hahaha I can picture you now. I have to get into salts! I always tell myself this. But they are so beautiful and easy to throw in anything. Thank you for this 🙏💙

    Sita ToccoSita

    Haha, Kristina “Did we just become best friends?” Isn’t that from a movie? Anyway, yes, I think we all were already friends even before we met. 😉

    Holy smokes, Suzanne – that is really cold!

    We’ve been enjoying this hot cocoa as it’s been chilly here (and now snowing!): We use raw milk, unsweetened cocoa powder – and heat it with 3-4 crushed cardamom pods, 3-4 clove buds, a cinnamon stick, and our homemade vanilla extract. Sometimes we add some cane sugar, but it’s really good on its own. Mmmm…. warms you right up!

    PS I made Doug fir salt this week and have already shared it with a friend who loved it. It’s really bright and light, which I didn’t expect. I’m glad to have met Sir Doug’s acquaintance through you all. Thank you!

    Kristin ReedKristin

    I love all the little turns this thread has taken! Very grateful to get to know this friendly community.

    Sita, that hot cocoa recipe sounds absolutely delicious. I will definitely be making that today! Your yoga offerings sound so lovely. I have never been to Camano but it sounds dreamy! I was at Twist Yoga in Edmonds for several years. I’m sort of meandering around now, was doing Thai massage as my main gig until covid, teaching some retreats here and there, and anatomy/kinesiology at The Yoga Tree’s 200hr program. Sort of hibernating until vaccines are out and I figure out my next move. 😉

    I have never made herbal salts… Think I might give them a try when I find another doug fir branch down!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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