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      When I first starting taking classes at CMHS, I use to think I would be going out daily and picking pieces of bushes, trees and flowers…until one random day a major wind storm blew through the PNW and my teacher got THE biggest smile on her face.. to which she shared a deep rooted secret, which felt passed down through generations, but that she LOVED whenever there was a windstorm. That meant the universe would be providing for all of our needs and without needing to take anything!! I never have to go too far to find my favorite Doug Fir!!! Pseudotsuga menziesii, just magically appears in your driveway, on top of your car windows, in the yard, all over the roads 😀 Everywhere and waiting to be used..

      So, now…. at the beginning of every windstorm, I too start to look out into the night sky with a smile on my face, this means the time is right for collecting!

      after I gather my babies and make my way to my car, looking like a earthland diver (instead of dumpster diver) and brimming with excitement I begin my work. I carefully and meticulously peel all of the bark and needles, off every single piece I am gifted, leaving the “skeleton” to go back to the earth or into a heigukultur. I then turbo charger ninja chop it up and place it in the crockpot. I cover it with the oil of my choice and let it sit for a few days. While my entire home smells like literal heaven on earth, my heart races at the ideas flow.

      My all time favorite Doug fir treat is a cinnamon and brown sugar Doug fir sugar scrub.

      Doug fir honey changed my entire life and I will never have a cup of tea for the rest of my life without it 😀 I also REALLY love it in soap and… well… in all things, everything!

      It reminds me of my favorite holiday with all of my family, the smell lifts my entire being. Rubbing the magically green oil on my body makes me feel like I am traveling into some past far away life time… one of the MANY amazing journeys through herbs <3

      what is something you love to make, that I might be able to try?

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      Earthland diver ~ I love that term! From one doug fir lover to another….rejoice in the winter storms!

      Don’t forget it’s also time to look for downed cottonwood trees for balm of gilead! xxoo

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        Yes! Thank you for adding that gem in! Cottonwood is my next gift of choice to collect 💙🙏

        I still have a bunch of oil I made from the summer. I have some ideas brewing.

        Mother nature provides us with all of our needs <3

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      Wow Kristina, your ode to doug fir is just magical! 🙂 It is also one of my absolute favorites, and I love walking through my neighborhood after a windstorm and walking home with enormous branches that are on the sidewalk.

      I am not much of an expert and only use the needles for oil. I didn’t know you can use the bark! What extra properties does this add to the infusion? I look forward to trying this next time! Your cinnamon brown sugar scrub sounds so yummy.

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        😁🙏🥰 Thank you for taking the time to read it. Doug fir has been one of my all time favorites to get to know. The bark holds a lot of the essential oils and protective properties. It also has potassium, iron, copper and magnesium in the bark. By adding it in your increasing not only the amount of herbal constituents but also the scent and energetics of the tree. The entire being if you will. We try to use up as much of the tree as we possibly can. Leaving behind the skeletal remains to go back into the earth and become something different 💜

        There is so much to learn from sir Doug.

        I think Suzanne would have more specific data on that as well and a great question to ask this Friday at the new online herbal lab class through CMHS. A place to hang with like minded souls and talk about plants 😁 I hope to meet and see you there!

        Its so easy to get lost in the beauty of these plants. They seem to reach out to us and hold us during the dark months. Especially our baby Doug 😁🙏

        Have you tried the honey before?

        Much love


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      I have not tried the honey! Sounds delish.

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      Oh, snap – I was so inspired by the Sir Douglas Fir herb lab discussion, I went and made his acquaintance yesterday! What I especially loved about his company was how relaxed I felt… not sleepy, not drowsy – but calm and serenely focused. I mean, we did spend the whole day together and it was a blissful encounter! I’m very grateful.

      My friend just lost a Doug Fir (sadness) but I was able to gather quite a bounty. I have the needles and bark in a crock pot in olive oil – and it’s making our home smell like heaven. I also am about to make Doug Fir salt… (and put the cottonwood buds in honey. Eep!)

      Thank you, dear souls, for helping to expand my experience of our plant friends. It’s been a joy to hear what you all are making – and a great inspiration.

      Much joy, Sita

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        Heather Bruno

        “Calm and serenely focused”-exactly! I love that Sita!

        I grate the orange zest and ginger (no need to peel but good idea to make sure both orange and ginger are organic) You can also just mince it up!

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      My doug fir bitters are currently tincturing away and I have more than enough leaves and bark to make some oil! Going to try the alcohol intermediary method in the blender. Never used that with fresh material before, so excited to give it a try!

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      I bet you are so excited! I just made some ginger, orange and doug honey too. Can’t wait! It will be something to keep on hand. What did you use for the bitters?

      Sita! What a beautiful friend you are <3

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      Ginger, orange and Doug fir honey? Whoa, divine! What part of the orange do you use? Do you grate the ginger? Thank you!

      And, thank you, Kristina, also for your kind words… I replied to your email a few days back. I hope you got it.:-)

      And not to be a dork (but to be a dork!), Kristin, I’m guessing we’ve been in the herb lab and/or Feb 2021 Saturday classes together? – remind me where you live? It’s always meaningful to place a name with a face. (Too dorky? heh!)

      Love and joy! Sita PS We’re getting snow flurries right now… so fun!

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      I did doug fir, grapefruit and ginger for the bitters. It’s so pretty! Does it matter that the plants keep floating to the top of the alcohol? I keep trying to fill it up to cover them!

      Sita – Yes, we met at the herb lab! I am in Seattle. 🙂 Where are you located? I heard you mention you are a yoga teacher… I am a yoga teacher as well, though I am currently on a little teaching sabbatical. So nice to meet a new colleague! Also, you’re not dorky at all! (But even if you are, that’s ok because I am too! haha)

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      Thank you, Heather, I will grate the zest and ginger. 🙂

      Kristin, now I remember, thank you. I live on Camano Island but teach Ananda Yoga through our center in Bothell – all via Zoom since last March. We also had (until Covid) a weekly yoga class on Camano – often at Ananda Farms when the weather permitted. And we also host a few yoga retreats there during the summer, which are so lovely. Where do you teach?

      Herbs and yoga, yoga and herbs – and being dorks… sounds like a good life. 🙂

      Hope everyone stays toasty, snuggly warm with the expected snowfall! Joy, Sita

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      Did we all just become best friends 😁🥰❤ i would love more yoga teachings. I’ll bring the Chakra tuning forks 🙌💙🙏 and we can all zen together in the woods. What a beautiful circle we are creating.

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      I love this thread!

      Just throwing this out there…..Doug Fir salt! Here’s the recipe:

      Fresh Herb Salts!

      It’s 7 degrees in Sandpoint today. I went outside with my bangs slightly wet and Boom! icy bangs! I wondered what was hitting my forehead….. It’s so cold it hurts to breathe, so inside I’ll stay today. xoo

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      😄🤣🤣🤣 your bangs! Hahahaha how perfectly descriptive. My dad use to tell me stories of living up in Alaska hahaha I can picture you now. I have to get into salts! I always tell myself this. But they are so beautiful and easy to throw in anything. Thank you for this 🙏💙

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      Haha, Kristina “Did we just become best friends?” Isn’t that from a movie? Anyway, yes, I think we all were already friends even before we met. 😉

      Holy smokes, Suzanne – that is really cold!

      We’ve been enjoying this hot cocoa as it’s been chilly here (and now snowing!): We use raw milk, unsweetened cocoa powder – and heat it with 3-4 crushed cardamom pods, 3-4 clove buds, a cinnamon stick, and our homemade vanilla extract. Sometimes we add some cane sugar, but it’s really good on its own. Mmmm…. warms you right up!

      PS I made Doug fir salt this week and have already shared it with a friend who loved it. It’s really bright and light, which I didn’t expect. I’m glad to have met Sir Doug’s acquaintance through you all. Thank you!

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      I love all the little turns this thread has taken! Very grateful to get to know this friendly community.

      Sita, that hot cocoa recipe sounds absolutely delicious. I will definitely be making that today! Your yoga offerings sound so lovely. I have never been to Camano but it sounds dreamy! I was at Twist Yoga in Edmonds for several years. I’m sort of meandering around now, was doing Thai massage as my main gig until covid, teaching some retreats here and there, and anatomy/kinesiology at The Yoga Tree’s 200hr program. Sort of hibernating until vaccines are out and I figure out my next move. 😉

      I have never made herbal salts… Think I might give them a try when I find another doug fir branch down!

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      Kylee Abbott

      I love this thread!! Late to the game, but glad I found it when I did because I packed home a bushel of downed Doug over the weekend 😍 I love this dude. What I’ve made (so far):

      1. Doug fir infused honey with ginger – I’m making these like clockwork…my partner is now refusing to use “normal” honey because this one is so dang good. I’ve created a monster
      2. Elderberry, doug fir, ginger, and cinnamon oxymel – a little bit of an experiment but it called to me!
      3. Doug salt – thanks to this thread 🙂 it tastes divine and seems like a great gift for friends

      So excited to get more inspiration from these forums and from upcoming classes! Y’all are amazing, so much gratitude for this community xx

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      I love that you love this dude! Here at the CMHS, it seems that almost everyone is having a love affair with Doug fir!!!

      Yep….my husband only wants my willow honey. Anything else is “yucky.”

      I lovelove the elixir formula! Let us know how it turns out. When I’m making elixirs lately, it seems that I’m adding 2/3rds brandy and 1/3 honey, instead of the standard equal parts. Just putting that out there.

      Doug fir salt is always a winner!

      Hey all! Please consider a pic or avatar for your profile! It’s always cool to see a pic of a person or plant that you associate with!

      xxxooo Have a joy filled day!

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