Herbal Care for Colds and Flus

Winter Wellness Series Part 2 ~
Herbal Care for Colds and Flus

WHEN: Saturday, October 17th 2020
TIME: 9:30 am – 3:00 pm
FEE: 125 USD
INSTRUCTOR: Heather Bruno
LOCATION: Online (Live & Interactive Zoom video)


Part 2 in our Winter Wellness series focuses on how to kick a cold before it takes hold or at least shorten the duration and using natural, effective remedies for colds and flus.

Fill your winter herbal toolbelt with this respiratory remedy go-to workshop where students will learn to “get the medicine to the people in a way that everyone will delight in taking so that healing can occur!”

Breathing is central to life-a basic bodily function that oxygenates our blood, delivers oxygen to our cells, and expels waste from our body! It is crucial that our respiratory system can function optimally to keep ALL body systems working. Explore the respiratory system on a physiological level, which is so much more than just our lungs, as well as how our respiratory system is interconnected with other body systems, and how to keep oxygen moving efficiently to our cells.

During cold and flu season, respiratory illnesses are particularly problematic, and sinus, throat and chest infections are common. Heather will cover conditions that can compromise respiratory health as well as strategies for prevention, and what to do at the first signs of illness to kick a cold or flu before it knocks us down!

From congestion to different coughing types, to sore throats and fevers, we will check out herbs and practices that can support and strengthen our overall respiratory health, as well as preparations and protocols for acute respiratory illness caused by colds and flus.

Students will learn to customize and make an herbal tea blend as well an oxymel formula using their new knowledge of a variety of respiratory herbs including fir needles, hyssop, monarda, mints, calendula, mullein and more.

Heather will demonstrate how to make several wonderful respiratory remedies that are easy to make at home: and provide resources to obtain the best herbs possible! Including:

  • Wild Cherry bark cough syrup
  • All natural herbal vapor rub
  • Herbal steam

Handouts and recipes will be provided.

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