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Winter Wellness Series Part 1 –
Elderberry Remedies and Fire Cider

WHEN: Saturday, September 26th 2020
TIME: 9:30 am – 3:00 pm (Pacific)
FEE: 125 USD
INSTRUCTOR: Heather Bruno
LOCATION: Online (Live & Interactive Zoom video)

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Sail through the winter healthy and ready to enjoy the season with part 1 of our winter wellness series. You can stay healthy when everyone around you gets sick – adaptogenic herbs and lifestyle adjustments can make all the difference! The first part of the workshop will focus on building a strong immune system, including the anatomy of a fever, and how to work with our body’s own immune responses to ward off invaders. Then we’ll delve into herbal remedies!

Build your winter wellness herbal apothecary and be prepared for what comes your way!

This is a “Make-Along” class so you will want to have the ingredients ready to follow along in real-time! From the comfort and safety of your own kitchen, join Heather Bruno and other likeminded wildlings and have a blast while learning more than you thought possible!

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Fire Cider:

This isn’t going to be your regular “making fire cider” workshop! What’s different is that you’ll discover the constituents in the ingredients that allow them to relieve viral symptoms and eliminate the virus from the body. That brings greater understanding of how the plants are working the body and give you the tools to talk about herbal medicine with others who might be skeptical. Making and using fire cider as a time honored herbalist tradition for supporting the immune system and preventing and alleviating cold symptoms has given countless people peace of mind and substantial help. Learn its history and make some tasty and effective fire cider to add to your apothecary.

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The role of elderberry as one of the most beloved and effective herbs for addressing most viral infections is well known. Gain an understanding of the unique constituents of our native Elder, Sambucus nigra ssp.cerulea, that make it such a valuable remedy. Join the discussion about why elderberry is a good remedy for combating some viruses, but not others.

Not only will Heather will teach you about the elderberry, but she will also demonstrate how to properly process the fresh berries so you can learn how to make a tincture, oxymel, or elixir!

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  • Quart size jar
  • Parchment paper or wax paper
  • Raw organic apple cider vinegar-16 ounces
  • One organic lemon and an inch or two of fresh ginger
  • One organic onion and 1 whole head of garlic
  • One jalapeno or hot pepper of choice,  and 2 – 3 inches of fresh horseradish – can usually be found at PCC, Central Market, Whole Foods, etc.
  • Cutting board and sharp chopping knife
  • Beverage to sip!
  • Notebook and pen
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