Wildcrafting Harvest Intensive ~ Yarrow in Central Washington


Yarrow Harvest Intensive
Saturday, July 11
Time: 9 am – 4 pm
Fee: $125
Instructor: Heather Bruno



This fun and info packed workshop has concluded.
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Yarrow, Achillea millefolium,  is a simply beautiful yet incredibly complex plant that works with the body’s needs to support health and well-being. Its unique and often contradictory actions go beyond physical uses to support us emotionally as well. Yarrow both elevates and grounds, stimulates and relaxes, promotes and moderates, warms and cools. Herbalist David Hoffman says: “When in doubt, use yarrow”.

In an amazing setting in the Cascade Mountains of Central Washington just over Snoqualmie pass near Easton Lake just an hour or so from Seattle, students will learn how to correctly identify and ethically harvest yarrow. 100% positive identification and harvesting at the right time for the best quality medicine is key. Heather will share its history, habitat, constituents, and all the many, many ways we can incorporate this lovely aromatic plant into our life!

Make and Take: Students have the option to make and take home 2 half pints of yarrow tincture, elixir, honey, vinegar, or oxymel. Heather will give detailed information about each menstruum and what they each extract and preserve from yarrow so that the students will be able to make informed decisions about which remedies will be right for them.

Additionally, students will learn how to make a yarrow flower remedy. Flower remedies are incredible medicine that work on an emotional level. We are freed from that which holds up back and are able to move forward and become who we were born to be. What a delight! Now that’s a powerful relationship, yes?

Teanaway Community Forest near Easton. Registrants will meet at the Issaquah PCC and carpool if comfortable or caravan alone. Those on the east side will contact Heather for meeting place. All info will be in the confirmation email. 

What To Bring: 

  • Small basket or fabric grocery bag
  • Clean scissors, cutting board and chopping knife
  • 2 clean wide mouth half pint jars
  • 1 ounce bottle with dropper – must be clean and unused
  • ½ pint  local honey – must be liquid (not crystalized or “whipped”)
  • ½ pint organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar
  • 1 pint 151 proof vodka
  • Notebook
  • Lunch, plenty of water. It may be hot, please bring extra water
  • Camp chair
  • Sunblock, umbrella to keep the sun off if desired
  • Please check the weather report and dress appropriately as the east side may have decidedly different weather than west side.



Heather Bruno is the owner of Field and Forest Botanicals, a passionate wildcrafter and medicine maker who focuses on ecologically harvested local plants to create products that nurture, heal and sustain us physically, spiritually, and emotionally. She is a member of the American Herbalist Guild and Associate Faculty at Edmonds Community College where she teaches classes in Early Childhood Education. Heather apprenticed with Suzanne Tabert of the Cedar Mountain Herb School and has been a student of herbalism since 1992. Heather supports students to feel empowered to discover and embrace their own wisdom of plants as they open themselves to all the plants wish to teach.