The Medicinal Herb Garden and Hydrosol Distillation

  • WHEN: July 9, 2022
  • TIME: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • FEE: 95 USD
  • INSTRUCTOR: Suzanne M. Tabert
  • SETTING: In-Person
  • LOCATION: Sandpoint, ID (details & directions provided after enrollment)

A medicinal herb garden is a meditation practice with herbs, bees, birds, sun, water, and soil combining to create a sanctuary for both plants and people. Join us in the CMHS garden, won’t you?

Spending time in a medicinal herb garden is so healing. The scent of flowers wafting in the air, bees happily buzzing from plant to plant, the feel of the soil under the feet and on the hands helps us to commune with nature and breathe deeply. Prattling around in the garden is a fabulous way let go of stress; planting and tending an herb garden is a meditation practice!

Common herbs like sage, anise hyssop, calendula, oregano, peppermint, monarda, and thyme not only bring beauty and pollinators to your garden, but are antimicrobial and anti-fungal to boot! Valerian, lavender, motherwort, catmint, chamomile are soothing nervines that help calm us in stressful times.

Traditionally, adaptogenic herbs have grown in some of the most inhospitable areas of the planet which likely affords them their stress and fatigue fighting properties. These herbs bring strength to all body systems especially building a powerful immune system. You can grow adaptogenic herbs in YOUR garden! Ashwagandha, rosemary, and holy basil are but a few.

In the morning, we’ll explore the medicine, care and feeding of these herbs plus elecampane, chives, catnip, blueberries, fennel, horseradish, catmint, lavender, oats, lovage, and more medicinal plants that can be easily added to your garden to build your herbal apothecary.

In the afternoon, we’ll focus on the many ways of using hydrosols for health and wellness and acquire an understanding of the considerations that go into crafting a high quality hydrosol, including living water and fresh plants.

Hydrosol Distillation

The ancient art of hydrosol distilling fresh flowers, leaves, roots, bark, and seeds is one that deepens our relationships with plants. Hydrosols are ethical and accessible alternatives to essential oils for aromatherapy and are safe, natural plant remedies that are a wonderful healing addition to your herbal toolbox. Combining modern techniques with old time copper stills and sound ecological practices, hydrosols are easy to use…and so much fun to make!

Students will assist in the gathering and preparation of the plants for distillation as well as sample a variety of hydrosols. All participants will take home some of the hydrosol made during the workshop!

Students will harvest garden plants to make and take home:

  • Medicinal and nutritive herbal vinegar
  • Herb infused honey
  • Hydrosol

What to bring:

  • 3 clean pint jars with plastic lids OR bring parchment paper if using metal lids
  • Pint each of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and honey
  • Cutting board and chopping knife
  • Kitchen towel
  • Notebook

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