Summer 2020 Thursday Apprenticeship Program

Welcome to the Cedar Mountain Herb School Thursday Summer Apprenticeship Program! We’re so glad that you chose us for your herbal instruction. It’s going to be a very fun, very “wild” ride. You’ll learn more about wild plants, their work in the body, and yourself than you ever thought possible!


Please note that this year’s summer program is on Thursdays, not the traditional Tuesdays of the past.

The Thursday program runs July 9 – September 17. The fee for the summer program is $1875.00
Times: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm each time we meet.

The Summer Thursday Apprenticeship program includes a 3-day harvest trip in the Winthrop area of Central Washington. There will be an activity fee of between $85- $175 depending on each student’s camping accommodation preference, plus cost of food and incidentals. The summer Central Washington harvest adventure will be Thursday – Saturday September 3 – 5. We will be gathering with the Friday apprenticeship group and will stay at the Winthrop KOA. Students are required to reserve their accommodations at the Winthrop KOA and may share cabins and tent spaces with fellow students. It’s best to call Feb 1 when the campground opens to ensure reservations as it is a small campground. As this this a teaching trip, please leave spouses, friends, kids, and pets at home. Noting the dates now gives students plenty of time to make arrangements with work and save the funds needed to attend the trip. 

The program runs 100+ hours of time with the instructor. In addition to the curriculum, students will be required to create an herbarium, and continue to add to it. There will be assignments and projects to be fulfilled throughout the program. Students who complete all assignments and miss no more than 2 days throughout the program will receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the course. Fulfillment of the requirements for the apprenticeship program may be applied to continuing education credits.

At CMHS, we strive to harvest away from the public eye, in places where few people go, which means that there is very little footprint from the casual harvester/hiker/other herb schools. I hold the land and plants very dear, as the wealth of herbal medicine on the land is exquisite. It’s an amazing feeling to harvest without worrying whether others will come behind to take as well. Precious plants need to be protected. Wildcrafting places are sacred to the person who took the time to find them. It’s a privilege to be in these place, and I welcome  the opportunity to take the few who have a passion for harvesting wild plants who come to the CMHS for instruction.

Heads up! We often travel to wild places where there may gravel roads. These roads can have potholes and fairly steep terrain at times. There is vegetation growing on the sides of the roads, and on occasion, we may travel up a narrow road. This means that there is always a chance that vehicles can get scratched. Please make sure that your vehicle can traverse these types of roads, and that you are comfortable with the above info. Low slung vehicles are not appropriate. Plan to carpool with others if your vehicle will not accommodate conditions. Take note that a full car means a heavier load and lower vehicle, and students must share fuel expenses each harvest day. It may be that travel time may be an hour or more each way as “We go where the plants grow!”

The hard stuff:

There are many who wish to attend our programs and enrollment is limited to keep our wildcrafting footprint light. The apprenticeship programs at CMHS are for students who are committed to be present each day of the program/s and completing all assigned work. We reserve the right to terminate the teacher/student affiliation at any time without refund for disruptive behavior, creating undue drama, disrespect towards instructors or students, not completing required work, and/or missing 2 consecutive classes in a program, with no exceptions. One conversation regarding these issues will be had; after that expulsion will result if not rectified by the student. There is a long waitlist each year for the programs. Please read the entire program offerings carefully, including what you’ll need to acquire for the programs and our *refund policy, in order to make the right decision for you. Thank you for understanding. Please feel free to contact Suzanne@cedarmountainherbs.com with any questions you might have before registering.

Housing is not provided. Students must make their own housing and travel arrangements. Students will need to acquire the tools, jars, and menstrua needed for harvesting and making medicine. This will include half pint and pint jars, a variety alcohol including 80, 100, and 151 proof alcohol, honey, witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, glycerine, apple cider vinegar. Cutting boards, chopping knives, clippers, painters tape for labels, and camp chairs will be needed as well. Each week, the apprentices will be notified what they’ll need to bring to that particular class. 

*Refund and missed classes policy: There are absolutely no refunds, transfers, or make-up days for missed classes or dropping the programs 1 month or less from the start of the program, and/or once the program begins. The responsibility of attending each valuable class rests solely upon the student. Students who attend CMHS apprenticeship programs take coveted places in the program that other students would be thrilled to utilize. If a student drops out 1 month or more before the start of the program, they will receive their fee minus a 20% processing fee. No exceptions will be made.

Please read and follow all registration information to ensure your place in the program.

Enrollment is limited to 12 students. As many students vie for premium spaces in the program, please register only if you are certain you will be able to commit to attending each valuable class. Students will need to keep the apprenticeship day free so that they will receive the full benefit of the program. Please clear your calendars, arrange childcare, etc. on Fridays. As spaces are limited with a long waiting list of hopeful apprentices, we need to fill the program with those who can be present. Students who attend CMHS apprenticeship programs take coveted places in the program that other students would be thrilled to able to utilize.

CMHS requires each student to sign a Liability Waiver in order to attend the programs. Please fill out and sign the online waiver to ensure your space in the group. Failure or unwillingness to present the signed waiver excludes the student from the program.

Payment must be accompanied with the student registration info form. Note that this is for informational and contact purposes only. Please answer all questions honestly. There are no prerequisites for taking the CMHS apprenticeship program. We will not sell or lend out any information given.

As soon as we receive your registration for the Thursday summer apprenticeship program, you will be invited to the private classroom group site Thinkific. The group app is where students find out what they’ll learn each week, what to bring, post questions, receive and upload assignments, get answers, make friends, ask for carpooling, and get tons more herbal info! Please make sure to create your student account asap so that nothing is missed and there are no surprises. I do not send out individual course related emails to each student; the Thinkific site is where all communication happens. There is no cost for the student to be on the Thinkific site.

If you have questions, please email Suzanne@cedarmountainherbs.com or call 360-540-5651.


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