So You Want To Start A Soap Business!


So You Want To Start A Soap Business!
Saturday, February 2
Time: Noon to 6
Fee: $195



Are you tired of the 9-5 grind? Are the initials TGIF a dark cloud over your head? Unsatisfied with working a J.O.B. and would much rather have a career that will satisfy your soul and artistic talents, and keep the roof over your head and food on the table?

A soap making business may just be your answer! There is so much involved in starting a business; it could be daunting just thinking about where to begin. Let me help you take away some of the stress and anxiety, and share with you some of the many tools I’ve acquired as a business owner for over 30+ years. When I started out, there were no mentors!

The wealth of information that will be given in the workshop is everything a person needs to start a lucrative business. It’s also for those who wish to go deeper into their current soap business to make it even more successful. Those who have any herbal business will find the information in this workshop can easily be translated into beneficial info for their biz.

This amazing workshop will include:

  1. Actual demonstration of soapmaking with handouts.
  2. Melt and pour or soap from scratch? What’s the difference?
  3. Sourcing quality wholesale ingredients. Will you go all natural or synthetic scents/colors?
  4. Soap shapes and molds.
  5. Production equipment needed.
  6. Biz names and logos – who are you and what is your branding? What is your mission statement? Who will create your logo? Will you want to copyright your logo?
  7. Business licensing – sole proprietorship? LLC? Why a business license in the first place? Keeping track of expenses and paying taxes.
  8. Labeling – what is required on the label, what not to put on the label. Will you print out your own labels, or go professional? Naming your soaps. Sources.
  9. Packaging – gearing towards target customer. Sourcing quality packaging.
  10. Marketing/advertising – who is your target audience? What will make your biz stand out among the others? There’s more to marketing than social media. Will you do your own marketing or hire a marketing company?
  11. How to figure out what to charge.
  12. Where/how to sell your soap! farmers market info, craft fairs, store fronts, online, hotels, spas, home shows.
  13. Display, photos, video, signage.
  14. Websites – your own or etsy? Who and what to look for in a good host company. Website design, copyrighting.
  15. Go big or stay small and artisan? Wholesale, retail, or combo?
  16. Will the business be run on a cash basis, or are loans and debt valuable tools?
  17. When to quit your day job and go soaping full time.

The workshop is being co-branded with my superb website host developers, internationally known videographer Jennifer Sauer of Treehaven Productions, Sage Sisters Podcasts, and other established business owners.