Online Workshop ~ Wild Plant Ramble

Meet the plants in their happy environment!

WHEN: Saturday, March 27th 2021
TIME: 9 am – noon PST
INSTRUCTOR: Suzanne M. Tabert


Online ramble introducing plants in Washington and North Idaho. Identification, materia medica, and applications.

Meet the plants in their happy environment via videos and still pictures. In our wild medicinal plant ramble, we begin to solve the mystery of Nature’s “green blur.” From the tallest tree to the deepest root, medicinal plants are all around us. We’ll explore flowering plants, deciduous trees, conifers, and ferns in varying ecosystems. Open your eyes to the medicine and food in nature!

How does one make sure to make 110% correct plant id? Are there poisonous plants in the area? What are pioneer plants, and what is their role in the ecosystem? What are good rules to follow when harvesting plants in the wild? This online plant walk will solve these mysteries and help you, the student, to make intelligent decisions regarding harvesting wild plants.

Learn medicinal and nutritional benefits, and some anatomy and physiology of the human body. It’s important to know *how and why* the plants work inside the body; their actions on a physiological level, in order to safely utilize them with family, friends, and clients. Included will be a discussion of where and when to legally harvest plants for optimum vitality, potency, and nutrition. Not only will you learn about the plants individually, but also you will begin your study to create effective formulas by paying attention to plants that grow in community.

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