Nature’s Pain Relievers

Nature’s Pain Relievers
Date: Sunday, June 3 
Time: 9:30am – 5:00 pm
Fee: $85
12 people max registration. If registration form is not present, that means the workshop is full. 

Nature provides an amazing diversity of pain relieving plants right here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a veritable apothecary here! We have plants that work as on the spot analgesics to relieve muscular and skeletal pain, and central nervous system suppressants which work well to relieve all over the body pain, neuralgia and migraines. The good news is – there’s relief on the horizon for you and your loved ones.


Chronic pain and inflammation can have a profound effect on personality, thought processes, memory, immune function, circulatory function, eyesight, and relationships. Chronic pain can drain a person completely, and erode the quality of life. It can affect a person’s level of anxiety and sleep patterns. 

Pain can manifest as muscular pain and spasming in the back and extremities, migraines, neuropathy, pain that comes and goes, inflammation. There’s a plethora of ways that pain manifests, but what it comes down to is, we need relief!!!! 

Students will learn about and harvest several of our native pain relieving plants and create an effective formula. 

What to bring – 

1. 2 pint jars with lids

2. Extra virgin olive oil, enough to cover the herbs in 1 pint jars, plus a pint of 100 or 151 proof vodka or rum (brand of choice)

3. HEAVY LEATHER GLOVES – Not light gardening gloves, not the gloves that are cotton on the top and blue latex on the palms. If you don’t bring heavy leather gloves, then you will miss out on the harvest. Make sure the leather gloves actually fit you. Big unwieldy glove such as welding gloves are inappropriate.. Also, bring kitchen or gardening gloves for use during processing.

4. Big garden fork. Not a little “dandelion fork.”

5. Clippers – small, heavy duty and/or large clippers.
6. Scissors

7. Dress appropriately. Harvesting is serious business. Long sleeves, heavy jeans and sturdy shoes are a must. 

8. Small scraping/parking knife. We will use it to scrape the bark off roots.

9. Lunch/water/beverage 

10. Camp chair

11. Cutting board, sturdy chopping knife.

IMPORTANT! Be smart and responsible when choosing footwear and clothing. 

We will meet at Bastyr at 9:30am at the gazebo, and carpool to my herb sanctuary near Snoqualmie. The entire lesson will be at my herb sanctuary, including processing plant material and creating the remedies. We will return to Bastyr by 5pm.