Nature’s Amazing Remedies

Nature’s Amazing Remedies

Friday, February 1
6 – 9pm
Fee: $85





Spot-on workshop for those beginning their excursion into herbal medicine, and for people of all experiential levels desiring an “upgrade” to add to their herbal toolbelt. Also, perfect for those in medical professions who wish to better equip themselves to answer their patient’s herbal questions.

It seems that everywhere we look these days, there is a plethora of herbal, dietary, and health advice. Conflicting info on social media and blogs, and in herb books can be so confusing. Blanket statements such as stating an herb always working for a specific issue may do more harm than good, as treating symptoms do not always address the core issue and each person as a whole being. How to remedy a cough, for instance, depends on what is causing it. How do we sift through all the info to find the pearls of wisdom?

Let’s take the confusion out of what seems conflicting information, and whittle it down to practical no-nonsense herbal medicine. Sample remedies and take home a wealth of easy to understand information that is effortless to implement into daily life. Bring your notebook, bring your questions… I love a good pop quiz!

We’ll examine specific plants and their interactions in the body, and we’ll discuss remedies, supplements, essential oils, and common-sense practices for help with common ailments such as:

*Aches and pains
*Stress and anxiety
*Fungal infections
*Lung and sinus congestion/allergies

“Getting the medicine to the people” is my motto. Students will have the opportunity to sample a variety of herbal remedies and glean lots of valuable information about getting herbal medicine to their people!

What to bring:
Notebook, pen
Snack, beverage

Workshop will be held at 21 Acres Farm! Details are in the registration confirmation email. See YOU there.