Medicine Making Intensive in Bonners Ferry, Idaho


Herbal Medicine Making in Bonners Ferry, Idaho!
Saturday, June 23
Time: 9 am – 4 pm

Fee: $95



Join herbal enthusiasts at the Cedar Mountain Herb School for a day of wild plant ID, harvesting, and medicine making in the myriad ecosystems of Bonners Ferry, Idaho! Our intensive is a micro apprenticeship for those who wish to dive deep into wild and garden plants and medicine making.

Herbal Medicine – it is important to know how to make the basics and to have many options to accommodate preferences. How can we support a person with herbs if they won’t or can’t use alcohol tinctures, don’t like the taste of teas, or think that all herbal medicine is hippy voodoo? The goal is to get the medicine to the people in a way that they’ll be happy to take so that healing can occur!

Students will gather plants from the wild and garden, learn best techniques for processing the plant matter and extracting and preserving the medicine. Included in the intensive is instruction for medicinal uses of the plants harvested, case study stories, dosing, and crowd-pleasing ways to use the remedies. I’ll even throw in geeky science stuff like the specific chemicals found in each plant harvested that will give the “why and how” of what the plants do in the body.

You’ll take home the remedies you make during the workshop, and a plethora of valuable herbal information!

Included in the workshop will be:

    • Medicinal oils
    • Salves/balms
    • Tinctures/elixirs
    • Oxymels
    • Antiseptic spray
    • Pain relieving liniment
    • Flower remedies from the garden
    • Plant-infused honeys
    • Herbal vinegars
    • Fresh herb salts

The following is what to bring if you wish to take home the medicine you make in the class. You may choose to exclude a portion of the items on the list, and simply observe, take notes, and not make medicine. It’s up to you.

1 pint of vodka – 100 or 151 proof
1 pint of brandy
1 pint of apple cider vinegar   2 cups honey
½ pint of rubbing alcohol
4 wide mouth half pint jars
1 wide mouth pint jar
4 oz. clean, clear jar
Clean 1 or 2 oz. tincture bottle
Clean scissors
Cutting board and chopping knife
Gathering bags/baskets
Camp chair or similar

Please dress for the weather. We will be harvesting in a variety of habitats for most of the day. Please come – you will learn so much and have an adventure of a lifetime!


The beautiful Tabert homestead in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Address will be given in registration confirmation email. Instruction will begin in the garden at the homestead; We’ll stop for lunch in the garden, then carpool to wild areas close by for a fantastic afternoon of wild harvesting and field medicine making. We will begin and end the day at the homestead.